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Classics For The Powerpoint Generation …
June 11, 2008, 7:17 am
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Book Worm Photo: ShiggyWiggy

Won’t be as powerful as Harry Potter in getting people to read again, but still a nice idea from the NZ Book Council …

Thanks to the brilliant Scott for this. [That’s $10 for the plug please]

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That’s quite impressive especially because NZ only got electricity at the beginning of this year 🙂

Comment by Bazza

It’s not brand new but I like the idea. And the style of Georg Orwell’s “Animal Farm” Powerpoint presentation looks alarmingly just like the ones our clients always show us. Oh my, client powerpoint thingys, the kingdom of stock images.

Comment by Seb

I’m in complete agreement with you Seb – it’s not a new concept but it’s a nice executional idea.

Now enough of that, how was your birthday?

Comment by Robert

If you would pay a visit to my blog once in a while (bastard!), there is a video some of the lovely people I work with recorded while wrapping my desk and everything on it with aluminium foil. Oh, and they put gay roses on it as well.
My lovely girlfriend did another huge mistake and gave me a Nintendo Wii and laters I made the big mistake to pay for the dinner with my parents, ha. No, it was lovely. Lots of nice people said hello. But I will celebrate with more people on the weekend, just have to go to my grandparents’ diamond wedding before.
Everything was great. Now I only have to figure out about my miserable future, ha.

Comment by Seb

Believe it or not I do go to your blog – but I’m just shit with comments though I will start abusing you again. Consider it my present to you 🙂

Comment by Robert

Oh, this is one of my dreams. Getting comments and replies to emails by you. You have still some room for improvement in your customer loyalty program.

Comment by Seb

That’s funny, I’ve just written a post slagging off ‘Customer Loyalty Programs’ and yet you come in and imply it would be quite nice – you damn Germans screw everything up for everyone don’t you! Ha!

Comment by Robert

I didn’t say it would be quite nice.
I said yours was shit.

Comment by Seb

There’s that famous German tact coming through 🙂

Comment by Rob

At least I didn’t mention that I actually do have a reason to watch the Euro 2008 on telly.

Comment by Seb

would you like me to tell you what Im blogging about next so that you can use it for inspiration again?

Comment by John

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