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Jon Howard [Quiet Storm] Joins Yazoo …
April 28, 2008, 8:48 am
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So after I told Niko that I’d rather have Vince Clarke get back together with Alison Moyet and reform Yazoo rather than have him make another album with lead singer Andy Bell, the ever ‘in-the-know’ John Dodds sent me an article detailing Yazoo had actually reformed.

What with Frith not knowing what Guitar Hero is and me not knowing Yazoo had reformed, it shows how out of touch us planning folk really are.

However that isn’t the reason for this post – oh no – what this is about is the quite frightening similarity between Vince Clarke of Yazoo and the lovely, brilliant planning bloke Jon Howard

Jon Howard Joins Yazoo

Separated at birth?

Nope – they’re the same bloody person.

Come on Jon/Vince – give us a song!

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You really have the worst taste in music don’t you. We should ban you from having an ipod, you’re a bad ad for us.

Didn’t you play with Alison Moyet? Another nail in your music taste cred 🙂

Comment by Bazza

I was young and needed the money …

Comment by Rob


I don’t want to be, a page in your diary….


Comment by Charles Frith

The secret’s out! Tho if truth be told, Yazoo never really did much for me.

Depeche Mode on the other!! If I hadn’t left in a huff, I would now be a certifiable multi-millionaire Rock God ™. I could’ve skipped the second career in planning, and wouldn’t now be having to go down the reforming-to-make-ends-meet route.

I just can’t get enough!

Comment by Jon Howard

I can see why you are so upset Mr Howard – missing out on being a millionaire with the ‘Mode’ would upset anyone – whereas planning for me was a much easier decision because lets face it, playing with Alison Moyet, Rick Astely and Chesney fucking Hawkes is only 0.574 of degree less embarassing than being a recognised sheep shagger!

Comment by Rob

Rick Astley ! omg Rob – just run and hide now !
PS: love your mug shot in Media !

Comment by fan

I actaully stole second base with Rick on the backround…so cheers for that Rob 😉

Comment by niko

I know you’re lying fan, and if you’re not – you need your eyes checking.

Niko – you are mad and I mean that in a great way!

Comment by Rob


it’s easter, so my soul is filled a new with joy, hope and crazy thoughts of the birds and the bees….resurrection brings out the best in me mate!!

Comment by niko

To be fair to Vince, anyone who can make Alison Moyet remotely interesting must be a genius.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

yeah, but that’s the thing, she isn’t even remotely interesting so it’s a moot point.


Comment by lauren

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