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The Legends Return …
April 24, 2008, 7:15 am
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As someone who played with both Pot Noodle and Mother in his past, it’s nice to see them both back to the standards I remember them with …

God that sounds like I’m saying they were great till I buggered off and as much as I’d love that to be true, it’s obviously not the case and not what I was actually trying to say.

I think I’ll shut up and just get on with showing you the continued mental genius of both the ‘noodle’ and Mother.


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Comment by Age

god fucking bless pot noodle, the tango of “food”.

still think the colditz stuff was better but when hhcl did that horn ad, it was time to move because that was too close to just being a trev & al apple tango script.

not as good as their/your supernoodle stuff but still a fucking great return to form and not like that sentimental coke shit they churned out a while back

do you know if ed worked on this campbell? its got him/you all over it?

Comment by andy@cynic

just saying first shows youre a sad fuck age. next time pass a comment, even a bollocks comment or youll look like you sit at your desk frantically pressing refresh in a bid to “win” at something in your otherwise always the bridesmaid life.
i say that out of love obviously

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s so fucking true Andy… so true…

*has a hard look in the mirror*

Comment by Age

yeah, it’s OK i guess…

Comment by lauren

I know I will face Andy’s drunken wrath but I much prefer the older Pot Noodle stuff and think this is nothing compared to the Supernoodle spots.

I await my death Andy, be quick ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Pete

why the fuck would i kill you pete when youre basically agreeing with what i said?

tool ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by andy@cynic

Unlike the Fallon Bud ads which I think are brill. I’m not a Pot Noodle potential customer and I think this is total shit. Personally I like my women in post coital exhaustion, too tired to speak than stuck in the cupboard like a Pot Noodle but maybe this explains the Brit reputation in the pit! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve eaten thousands of noodle snacks living in Asia and it just gets on my nerves that some simple noodles with a bit of stock/paste need so much effort for marketing when out here in Asia they cost pennies for the same thing and with a lot more varieties.

I absolutely love the kinky pot noodle stuff because slag of all snacks is right where they should be. Fancy a slurp ‘n all that is right up my street but this is just I’m a lad and snacks are all I can handle. Women are way to much for me.

I want it dirty, slurpy and hard.

..and yes I probably have a record just like Andy’s for the fairer sex….less on the alimony though ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by Charles Frith

Go on…peel my top off!

Comment by Charles Frith

I know what you’re saying about ‘Horn’, Andy – it was VERY Apple Tango but without the charm yet probably with more product relevance, haha!

Saying that, the rest of the ‘SLAG OF ALL SNACKS’ campaign was a great one [core idea: “the naughty itch that needs to be scratched”] but given the agency change and an idea that was creatively losing it’s ‘bite’, it’s not that surprising to see a tone/direction change – even if people here [me included] think there was still lots of potential left in it.

I know what Charles is saying about the marketing of nooodles – especially when in Asia it’s the currency of the place, ha – but I still like this spot because it’s maintained one critical element of the Pot Noodle brand, it’s UK ecsentricity. [spelt VERY badly!]

So when you take all this into account and add in that some of the work Mother have been doing lately hasn’t been as good as usual [at least to me] it’s nice to see a return to form – even if they are still not at the heights both brands have experienced in the past or as good as the Supernoodle campaign which took on Pot Noodle but from a different angle [“Gluttony Is Good”]

And for your info Andy, Ed is now some big wig at NIKE Europe so you can’t blame him – though it has come to my attention people go on to be much much better when they leave us than we could ever hope to achieve. The bastards.

Comment by Rob

Could you enlighten me where you got the picture at the head of this post from? It’s wonderfully offensive and perfect for a friend of mine.

Comment by Lee Hill

It’s from a t-shirt I have … one I generally don’t wear in or around Asia but somehow always when I’m in the States ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you want to offend someone, you can get it from here …

Comment by Rob

Not great, but acceptable.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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