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Be Grateful Technology Wasn’t Around When You Were Having Your Divorces Andy …
April 22, 2008, 2:44 pm
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Read this …

Then watch this …




[Thanks to Kaiser for this, it’s evil entertainment]


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For some reason, I immediately thought of Andy. Don’t know why though.

Comment by Marcus

Jesus, that video is a horror to behold.

Comment by Marcus

Another beautiful advertisement for marriage.

Comment by Lee Hill

sure beats Days of Our Lives !

Comment by fan

I appreciate that I’m close to making this blog the ‘Sunday Sport’ but this story was too amazing to not post about – it’s car crash TV at its absolute worst/best.

I know you don’t give your wife an allowance Andy, but if I were you, I’d start today and make it a fair wedge 😉

Comment by Rob

According to the German newspaper where I spotted this, it’s already been watched by over 3 Million people. Should get her some tele-time.

Comment by Marcus


As an aside, I think shows like ‘The Young & The Restless’ etc have contributed a fair amount to relationship break ups because to certain impressionable people, they have come to represent what they think “love” is and how people “in love” should act – which as we all know, is not as simple as a 30 minute show likes to pretend.

Mind you, given those shows have all sorts of weird shit going on in them – from death, affairs, secret children – maybe that whole concept has just been blown out the water or I’m just a complete square!

Comment by Rob

This is makes “The Ring” look like a childrens television show. She is so pissed it’s impressive she doesn’t turn green and become all muscular.

Comment by Bazza

lol @ Bazza… that’s one freaky bitch.

Comment by Age

I almost am convinced it may be a stupid stunt for an upcoming TV show or something like that… if it’s just a gold digger whining I am not so sure it’s exciting, there are more fun forms of revenge… just ask Paris Hilton…or Edison Chen

Comment by Hari

Andy’s blood will run cold when he sees this

Comment by Marcus

Colder you mean.

Comment by John

Blood? Hahahaha!

Comment by Rob

I know I’m going to be called “Auntie George” for this, but I actually find this story very sad.

FYI Marcus I don’t think Andy’s blood will go cold, I think he’ll laugh himself senseless for a variety of reasons.

Comment by George

I’m with you on that [Auntie] George – actually I’m with you on both your points, especially when you remember #1 actions.

What are you doing up at this time man? Don’t tell me, nightmare patrol?

Comment by Rob

look at auntie fucking george being all nice.

listen my friend you are still married to your lovely but tough as all fuck wife and have 3 beautiful and brilliant kids so you have fuck all idea how it feels to be systematically ripped apart by someone you loved and who claimed to love you up until the fucking day before she decided to become satan.

this clip is sad because all divorce is sad but it warms the cockles of my cold bleeding heart to see someone else be right royally shafted because even though you know its not true, you do think youre the only mug on the planet.

im going for a fucking big slap up and this has put a smile on my big vindictive face. good call campbell/marcus.

Comment by andy@cynic

Despite the odd bit of ‘comedy’ rant, this is possibly the most revealing comment you’ve ever made and I don’t say that to be a smart arse but to just be a mate who wants you to know I’m still proud of how you got through that shit.

Now eat and make us pay for it.

[What have I done! 🙂 ]

Comment by Rob

youre not fucking oprah rob, get over it, i did

im going to eat us fucking bankrupt 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

With your love life, I’m more Jerry Springer than Oprah 🙂

Comment by Rob

Swedish Fred where are you, we have an Oprah Campbell outbreak and I don’t think I can contain it much longer.

The woman in the video might be climbing up the age ladder and be a grade a gold digger but I’d still give her the best minute of her life.

What have I got to lose, she’s OK looking, she’s not had sex with her husband so anything would be good in comparison and I have nothing her lawyer could take because my only valuables are my looks, personality, creative brilliance and female satisfaction skills. Oh and a DVD player with a few (medicinal) porn flicks but she probably has enough of those from her husbands collection.

This is a win:lose situation and I like it

Comment by Billy Whizz

shes already lost her husband, house and cash billy, making her lose her reputation by screwing you is bordering on cruelty

Comment by andy@cynic

can somebody pleaseremind me of this video when i whinge about being a poor artist and want to marry some rich fucker?

Comment by lauren

you still not getting any Whizz boy?

Comment by Marcus

I’m getting plenty and still have more to go round. I’m a love machine and I don’t mean a vibrator.

Comment by Billy Whizz

too right you dont mean a vibro, they are active for way fucking longer than you could every muster even after 20 coffees and a case of red bull

Comment by andy@cynic

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