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Lets Play ‘Spot The [Brand] Difference’!!!
March 24, 2008, 7:34 am
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29/12/2007 29/12/2007

Apple iPod Nano’s right?

Errrrrm, sort-of.

The one’s on the left ARE original – the one’s on the right are the local versions, obviously ‘influenced’ by the iconic Californian company.

Given their physical dimensions are almost identical – plus the local version offers more features for less money – you can see why ‘brand value’ alone may not be enough to ensure people buy originals over high-end copies in the future.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but if I was Apple the first thing I’d do is start placing the ‘apple’ logo on the front of every iPod product made because …

1 This identifies their product over a competitors – which may have some influence over the label obsessed individual

2 It would allow Apple to take legal action over any organisation who does the same because at this point, they are able to claim [albeit minimal] differences between their machine and the original – which ensures they don’t fall foul of copyright issues.

Then of course it would help if Apple made products that were the best they could be, rather than continually under-developing their technology in a bid to sell pretty much the same product to the same people about 6 months later.

But hey, now Bazza’s started at Apple, that will all change won’t it! 🙂

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youre not going to get any comments campbell because its the easter fucking holidays but youre not exactly mr religious are you? bet you fucking had beef on friday as well.

Comment by andy@cynic

Its also worth remembering that Singapore was ahead of the game for MP3 players with I think Creative Technologies who invented the portable MP3 player before Apple did.

If they had great marketing things might have been a little different.

Comment by Charles Frith

You are bang on Charles – not only did Creative launch the first truly portable MP3 player, but they also created the technology that Apple use in all their iPods [which Apple had to pay for a couple of years ago in a big copyright infringement court case] – however it’s not just better marketing that Creative need/ed [sadly they are not just a typical ‘technology’ company in their marketing habits, but a typical Singaporean company as well] they needed to understand how digital music needed a ‘home’ so that people could store/arrange/group their tracks – which is what Apple did with their brilliant iTunes, the true reason why iPOD achieved such dominance.

Comment by Rob

Good point. iTunes is a great piece of software even on a P.C.

I’m looking forward to see how Apple change their advertising. It is beginning to look stale and dare I say it always distinctly American.

Comment by Charles Frith

Does this mean Bazza will have to be upgraded in 6 months?

Comment by John

Enough with the Apple bashing, I’ve only started today and I’d like to enjoy the moment without worrying my role will be over before it’s even begun.

Comment by Bazza

i’m showing how much i’ve been conned by saying this. but, what makes an apple isn’t always the hardware (or even the software), but the fact that they’re good with directions and they’ll always talk to you the morning after the big transaction.

you might forget about that when you first go the cheap, slutty wam-bam-thankyou-mam special, but believe me, you’ll remember it a few days’ later. especially if everything fucks out and there’s no one to help you fix it.

perhaps that’s something that apple need to focus on (and continue to develop/improve), as much as the PC wars and design cool.

Comment by lauren

I think Lauren’s put her hand up for a free Macbook Pro Baz 🙂

Comment by Rob

is that the 2.4 ghz version of baz, with an extra 20GB of memory?

Comment by lauren

Baz would charge his Mum for passing the salt so I’d not waste your breath Lauren.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Lauren’s right as ever. They may have painted themselves into a corner by the need to launch “new” products every MacWorld ,but Apple products are generally better than the competition, simpler/truly intuitive to use and backed up with copious instructions and customer support.

Comment by John

Not a bad international forum for thrashing out the Apple brand. I wonder where they are growing fastest?

Comment by Charles Frith

What’s an iPod?

Comment by Tom from Perth

You’re living in Perth aren’t you Tom …

Comment by Rob

yeah. We’ve just discovered a crazy new beat called rock’n’roll.

Comment by Tom from Perth

in that case youre still to experience the hell that is queen. you poor fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

and ToTo. don’t forget them Andy.

Comment by Marcus

If I recall wasn’t the ipod originally a storage device for software etc, not just a music player?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

It was always created to be a music player Rob, it was cynic who actually suggested to Apple to launch a variant that could be a portable hardware backup for small business.

You win some, you lose some 🙂

Comment by Rob

Hi Rob, are you interested in attending the first Social Media Breakfast in Singapore this Saturday? Let me know if you can make it! 🙂

You can read more about it here:

Comment by Nabilah

If he agrees Nabilah you do realise the venue will need to organise extra chefs?

Comment by John

rob doesnt do “social” but then with his looks and personality, can you blame him

Comment by andy@cynic

Hello Nabilah – I didn’t see this comment, so sorry for the delay in replying.

I’d love to come but I’m not going to be in town unfortunately. Next time? If only to prove to my lovely colleague that I am not a total social avoider 🙂

Comment by Rob

Hahaha..No worries. I love these people that comment on your blog (I hesitate to call them your friends :P)

Comment by Nabilah

we hesitate to call campbell a friend more like

Comment by andy@cynic

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