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Where The Streets Have No Name …
March 19, 2008, 7:00 am
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It’s early.

I should be asleep, but I’m awake.

The questions and thoughts that are going through my head are at a volume that the quietness of my room just can’t compete against.

So with the logic only the truly confused can appreciate – I get up, I get dressed, I go out.

It’s Sunday.

It could be any Sunday.

And it’s early.

About 8:30.

And as I walk through the streets that normally are filled with the constant clatter of feet and chatter, I realise I’m alone.

Of course I am.

It’s Sunday.

But then I realise something else …

I’m not just alone, I’m immersed in even more silence than I was before.

I can hear my feet.

I can hear each step as my feet touch the concrete.

It’s been a long time since I was truly in my own company.

Except when I live in my head.

Which I do too much.

However as I keep walking, I come across people.

And what’s strange is that on a normal day I would just walk by without so much as a stare.

But now I find myself saying ‘Good Morning’.

And they reply …

And it’s with a warm voice …

And a smiling face …

And I like it.

I like it alot.

I feel a sense of connection, a sense of understanding, a sense that I’m not alone in all that’s going through my head.

And as I keep walking, I encounter more people …

And the same thing happens over and over again.

And I remember that this is what life is supposed to be.

Not hidden away …

Keeping to yourself …

Making the best with what you’ve got …

It’s about feeling happy and fulfilled and with people that matter.

So I turn back.

I head home.

Back to where my World is safe …

Back to where my life is warm …

Back to where I can leave all feelings of fear and loneliness outside the door.

Because life’s too short to be this way.

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everything ok mate?

Comment by Age

This is why not drinking is such a bad idea.

Comment by John

if ive told you once ive told you a thousand times, leave the fancy shit to me, its what i do best.

its borderline 15 year old poetry but it just about comes off because i know what youre talking about and its from your fucking big sentimental heart.

mind you the post should be about the power of music because seeing fucking singapore without u2s bollocks would normally be as interesting as seeing you shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

of course hes ok age, its rob, he does weird shit like this and last time i looked at your blog you were writing about sleeping with “men friendly” ladies so maybe its me who should be asking you if youre alright 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

I have no idea what this is about but I love what you’ve written, in a sad yet uplifting way.

Comment by Pete

the jogger in the video looks hot so what are you worrying about?

Comment by Billy Whizz

excellent point billy but thats nothing to do with the real issue of this post.

rob is showing the world how peoples brains disintergrate when they live in singapore because the government spoon feeds the fuckers so much they dont actually have to think.

its a cry for help but lets be frank, the work hes been churning out recently showed he head aint what it used to be

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m fine Age – as Andy say’s, you do this sort-of thing [but better] all the time and no one worries about you. Oh hang on, is that a compliment or an insult, haha!

This is just a post for me – a post to remind me about things, should I live too much in my head – something I do quite alot but not because there’s more room in there thanks to my decreasing brain, ha!

Comment by Rob

lol, Andy, you’re right.

*tail between legs*

Comment by Age

I like this very much Robert. It’s both sad and uplifting so I hope whatever is going through your head is all working out for the best.

Comment by Lee Hill

i wonder how many u2 fans have watched this clip on youtube and wondered what the fuck is going on. judging by how many people have viewed it already, its quite a few.

thing is i do know whats going on and i still dont understand it so the bono loving cocks are going to be scratching their heads for days. serves the fuckers right.

Comment by andy@cynic

it’s only ‘cos i love you rob that i didn’t throw my laptop out the window at the start of that U2 song. god i hate that band. sorry.

it’s funny how when you’re perspective changes about a place, the place almost works with you and begins to change too: people become something you always wanted them to be, the streets suddenly feel like you’re favourite jumper in winter. the transport system that has never fucking worked, suddenly works (or whatever).

i dunno what’s going on for you exactly, but just from this post, i can tell you’re about to get on another rollercoaster, you crazy kid you. hold on tight – it’s gonna be awesome!

Comment by lauren

Rob, I just want to know why you felt you needed to go around a second time? If your answer is to put me to sleep – job done.

Comment by Tom from Perth

It needs more cowbell…

Comment by niko

no fucking wonder you are an expert on boredom tom, you live in perth, the most pointless place on earth since idaho.

Comment by andy@cynic

are you going to defend your own honour campbell or are you going to be italian and just let me do it.

i know youre fucking about with some client workshop bollocks but isnt your family name more important? at least for mrs c sake.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s as bad as the german not turning up. Again!

Comment by John

Sei nett so frech Dodds.

Comment by Marcus

I’m back … and I’m knackered … but I have to say I laughed at being called boring by Tom – because it’s like Margaret Thatcher accusing Hillary Clinton of not being compassionate.

Comment by Rob

Rob you have lived in cities too long. This why I live on the edge of a village, over looking fields. Why I ride my horse early on a Sunday morning. Why I have just had a week’s holiday in the Lakes. Why I hated working for IBM. Why you went to oz and we stayed at home! You need to take more holidays away from city life and the jet set mate.

Oh and as for diet coke I have a fridge in my office which only has diet coke in it and yes I think it was probably you who got me addicted to it all of 20 odd years ago, can’t blame you for the alcohol problem though … !

Comment by BTBB

happy george? campbell gets people addicted, fucking addicted to diet coke, that should win a few brownie points shouldnt it?

and btbb, he takes fuck loads of holidays, hes just a depressive fart thats all, lol

Comment by andy@cynic

Is this evidence that campbell offered cans of coke to young girls in his neighbourhood all those years ago?

Comment by John

the semi italian stallion from nottingham who seduced his ladies with diet coke. sounds about right

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy/Rob, that video makes Perth feel as exciting as New York. The only bit I really liked was that it made it easier to imagine what a nuclear holocaust would be like in Singapore – an improvement.

Comment by Tom from Perth

Spoken like a true myopic Aussie 🙂

But you’re right about the improvement part, ha.

Comment by Rob

Thanks Rob for finally admitting I’m Australian and not a Scot. I think that argument was started about nine years ago, so it’s nice to win. Rangers One, Nottingham Nil.

Comment by Tom from Perth

Wasn’t it the other way round, you’re an Aussie who pretended to be a Scot as demonstrated by this “Rangers” nonsense you keep banging on about 🙂

Forest 1 – Kangaroo Rangers 0

Comment by Rob

who the fuck would want to admit they come from australia, scotland, perth or nottingham, that alone shows you were made for eachother.

and what the fuck would you know about singabore campbell, youre forever flitting around the world living it up under the pretence of work. you make me sick.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Tom from Perth

Good point 🙂

Comment by Rob

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