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I’m Falling Apart …
March 17, 2008, 6:37 am
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The Retirement home

Maybe it’s because I’m fast approaching official ‘old fart’ status, but from having a set of teeth that even Hollywood starlets would be proud of, the second tooth in a few months has decided to crack which means another costly visit to the dentist.

What next?  Colostomy bags? Bed Baths? Just being able to ‘eat’ soup?

Actually all that sounds quite good as I’ve just bought a shitload of ‘quality’ DVD [including ‘The Best Of Cheaters – Volumes 2 and 3!] so I’ll never have to get up from infront of the telly!

And they say romance is dead, pah!

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youve needed a colostomy for ages, the amount of shit you talk that seeps out into the atmosphere is fucking frightening.

cheaters? is that a doco on veronica?

Comment by andy@cynic

Message to Dodds:

Rob’s tooth didn’t crack all by itself, it happened because he tried to lecture me that my views on the green cross code man ads were stupid 🙂

Comment by Billy Whizz

Yep that’s right Billy – it was your muscular arm/fist that did it.

Though if that really is the case, you only managed to crack a tooth – you couldn’t even knock it out – which means you’re even more of a wimp than I thought you were 🙂

Comment by Rob

did you even consider that maybe there’s a relationship between your consumption of the ‘black sticky stuff’ and your teeth cracking? hmmm….?

Comment by lauren

I don’t drink Coke, only Diet Coke, however that’s a good [possibly libelous] comment Lauren and now falls into reason #16 of why you SHOULDN’T vote for it in the ‘best drinkoff’.

Comment by Rob

geez, if they wanna sue me for that they’re getting desperate…

Comment by lauren

This is a company that launched a natural mineral water then admitted it basically came from a tap …


… so don’t expect they’re not petty 🙂

[Sorry George!]

Comment by Robert

ah well, bring it on. i’ve got nothing to lose and i could do with some publicity. perhaps i could ask them what the fuck they’re doing with vitamin water in the mean time 🙂

[sorry George]

Comment by lauren

There’s an ad in the US at the moment that talks about how some waters would require you to do 491 sit-ups just to get over the calories of you’ve consumed – how fucking true is that.

[Very sorry George]

Comment by Rob

Your teeth are falling out, I have the left hip of a fifty year old, what do you think is wrong with our third triplet (Fred I mean)

Comment by northern

He’s Swedish and likes Toto.

Comment by Rob

I’ve just checked – in the unforgettable 70’s commercial “get yourself seen” you can see a tap dancing chicken. The chicken is called Arnold and is very, very good at tap dancing.

Good morning.

Comment by Marcus

I’ll tell you NP: I’m follically challenged both in terms of growth and pigmentation. That’s what’s wrong. And everything considered, it’s not likely to be a development reversing anytime soon. But without Toto and Sweden, I’d be sitting next to the lady in the funky hat in that picture.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

That women with the funky hat is Chairwoman of the ‘Swedish Toto Appreciation Society’ Freddie …

Comment by Rob

I’m the co-chair so I know that mate.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Toto… oh dear

Comment by Rob Mortimer

if you look pay attention you can see poker playing swans in EVERY SINGLE Toto video.

Comment by Marcus

eek! that’s the second time in as many weeks that this blog has ended up discussing toto. where’s george?

Comment by lauren

somewhere near kansas clicking his heels.

Comment by John

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