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The Only Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq Are American Troops …
March 11, 2008, 9:06 am
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… and Chuck Norris.

[Doesn’t this mean the Yanks are admitting they went into Iraq under false pretences?]

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Weapons of Mass Delusion methinks. It’ part of the reason why the internet, with its plurality of opinions is a lot healthier than the press. The Whitehouse Press corp in particular get the vote for lacking backbone.

Although they were a lot more ferocious on the lawn of the Rose Garden when it was about Lewinsky with Bill Clinton.

Comment by Charles Frith

Good point Charles, have you watched that doco about the Republican’s going after Clinton?

It’s absolutely horrific and shows the US is more of a dictatorship than a democracy.

I’m very anti-US at the moment aren’t I? I don’t mean to be – there’s alot I love about the place – but I’m just getting abit fed up of the rubbish that’s being spoken but not demonstrated.

Comment by Rob

please tell me you’ve done the google ‘chuck norris’ search rob.

Comment by lauren

what are you banging on about woman?

Comment by andy@cynic

hang on andy, lemme check if it still works, then i’ll explain what i’m ‘bangin’ on about’..

Comment by lauren

ok, so go to, type in “find chuck norris” (inverted commas and everything). the answer is brilliant.

Comment by lauren

with answers like that, google is the second greatest company in the fucking world.

Comment by andy@cynic

Am I right to assume McCann’s are #1, Andy???

*runs away*


Comment by Age

thats right age, mccaans are the number one greatest company in the world. or do i mean number one mindnumbingly fucking boring and ungenerous, i always get those mixed up which is how i ended up married to evil a couple of times

Comment by andy@cynic

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