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Political Ignorance?
December 6, 2007, 6:21 am
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While the above picture might look like a bunch of politicians engaging in a verse of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ … it is actually an attempt to publicly demonstrate their ‘unity’.

Now while I’m sure it all made sense in the Public Relations department, the reality is that it comes across as completely contrived and laughable.

To be fair it’s not nearly as horrific as this MDA ad …

… but it’s still pretty awful.

Why not go the whole hog and fucking jump around giving ‘high 5’s’?

Why politicians continue to believe photoshoots show the World they care is beyond me …

APEC China

… but on the brightside, they give us something to smile about …


… that is until we remember these are the individuals supposedly looking after our best interests, ha!

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Rob why is it that the last photo every politician has extremely wide shoulders? Is the addition of shoulder pads meant to reassure us they can shoulder the burden of running a country or just to remind us of our sad 80’s fashion sense! he he he I remember yours very well 😉 x

Comment by BTBB

I agree with Lauren, these “group shots” make it look like it’s a cast photograph for every ’80’s television show, from Dallas through to Flamingo Road. Terrible and credibility undermining.

Comment by Pete

I meant to say I agree with BTBB. 🙂

Comment by Pete

So Pete, you’re saying you don’t agree with lauren?

Comment by John Dodds

perhaps we’re one and the same…

Comment by lauren

All I will say is that it’s nice to see this blog getting back to it’s “normal madness”. George won’t agree, but then George isn’t here. 🙂

Comment by Pete

George is back soon – get it out of your system while you can 🙂

Comment by Rob

Ah politicians, the people you least want to trust doing the jobs that are most important for your life.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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