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Why I Love Being Given TNT …
November 9, 2007, 7:35 am
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explosion rocks erie airport

No … I’m not a bomb maker, nor am I talking about the AC/DC song … it’s that we’ve just won the TNT logistic business throughout Asia-Pac and it was against 5 bloody good agencies.  

[I put something nasty before – and it was childish so I genuinely apologise to anyone I may have upset! Sorry, I can be an idiot at times, it’s just over-enthusiasm!]

Now I know what you’re thinking … that’s not very interesting … but the thing is, I believe anything can be interesting if you look deep, hard and broad enough [plus work with a bunch of talented folk] and though I say it myself, the idea/campaign we developed was bloody tops and we’re all genuinely excited and happy that we’re going to get to make it come to life for real.

In a week where I got some really shitty news, it’s nice to end on a high!Yes I know this is a self-congratulatory post, but I don’t care … I’m proud of my team and besides, it’s my fucking blog so surely I’m allowed some indulgence? 🙂

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Brilliant news, well done Rob. Anything you can say about your idea? You sound really passionate about it so I’m really interested to hear what you guys have done. Is it getting an orchestra to play some TNT theme on their lorries 🙂

Comment by Pete

Hope the campaign goes off with a bang.

I’m sure you will deliver the goods.

Thats some explosive news.

Thats dynamite.

and so on and so on til the end of time…

Comment by Rob Mortimer


Comment by Rob

congratulations mate – nice to get some good news after the idiocy of the week. maybe karma does exist

Comment by gareth

Thanks Gareth … however we’ll know for certain whether karma exists if about 7 people meet horrible deaths this weekend. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Congrats Rob and the team, a great example of the highs and lows in this industry eh?

Comment by Age

You’re right AGE and it’s something I wrote about a while back here …

… now how the hell are you????

Between Will and you, you’ve seemingly dropped off the planet!

Comment by Rob

I know mate I apologize. It’s been hard for me to post half decent comments due to the position of my computer screen at the new gig (don’t want to get in the bad books!) but believe me I’m still here everyday reading everything. My own blog is suffering from not having internet at home anymore… but hoping to change that in the new year.

Please everyone, don’t think I’ve become some sort of ad wanker!

Comment by Age

Hang on … hang on … I didn’t mean I was missing your comments from my blog [though I do], I was talking about missing YOUR posts on YOUR blog.

Totally understand abit of corporate toadiness while you settle in, but don’t take too long 🙂

Comment by Rob

The personal blog thing is simply because I don’t have access to internet (let alone a fucking computer!) where I am at the moment, so if I do post it’s sneakily at work.

Hopefully going to be getting net access within the new year so hopefully it will mean a return to normal programming then…

Have a great weekend everyone!

Comment by Age

Haven’t you heard of internet cafe’s Age? 🙂

Comment by Rob

This is good news. I have a hangover.

Good morning.

Comment by Marcus

I know you have a hangover Mr Brown – our crappy MSN conversation this morning showed me you were going to be ‘worse for wear’. Well done 🙂

Comment by Rob

Could you keep the noise down please.

Comment by Marcus Brown


[Say’s the man whose not had any alcohol for 22 years, hahaha!]

Comment by Rob

I’ll try not to shout…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Good lad Mortimer.

Comment by Marcus Brown

I bugger off for a few of days and you’ve banged in 10 posts and won a bit of business. What am I doing wrong? I need some SUPPORT here 😉

Congrats on the biz win Rob.

Comment by Charles Frith

Where the fuck have you been Charles?

Jesus … get some time management skills, or some people you can pass all your work too like me, haha!

Comment by Rob

youve had a bad week, a fucking awful horrible week so well done to you and the mob, its fucking great news. i know how much you believed in the work and how much you wanted to work with the “dutch movers” so maybe gareth is right, karma does exist. mind you that means im fucked 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Dont worry Andy, you generally only dish out hell to people who deserve it.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

stop trying to get in my pants mortimer, were married men.

Comment by andy@cynic

You wish…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Jesus Andy, when did you get so touchy feely – you sound like Dr Phil.

Well done Rob, that’s fantastic.

Comment by Angus

nice one rob [and the rest of the gang]. i’d be interested to hear more about this idea too.. given that TNT aren’t exactly sexy FMCGs.

Comment by lauren

actually they’re MFCGs..

Comment by lauren

It’s not going to be sexy for the average punter on the street (they’re not exactly the target consumer … at least for the initial business goal they want us to help them achieve) but interms of corporate industry, it’ll be hotter than Angelina 🙂

Comment by Rob

i can tell! even just the words ‘corporate industry’ ooze sex appeal 🙂

Comment by lauren

this is a seminal blog. history unfolding before our eyes

Comment by charles frith

I can smell sarcasm from 1000ft Mr Frith – you forget I face it every day through the thoughts, comments and actions of my bloomin’ business partners, let alone my friends on this blog, ha!

Comment by Rob

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