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Sometimes Simplifying Can Be Too Simplistic …
October 30, 2007, 7:00 am
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I love this ad from Fallon for Walkman.

Without doubt it’s way better than what I’ve been able to do with Walkman in Asia … however there is one thing I hate and that is the the end line.

The thing that bothers me is that ….

1 It’s not exactly true to [what I think is] the idea behind the ad

2 It doesn’t really ensure Mr and Mrs Consumer see this as a real alternative in the iPod dominated mp3 category

[I know they say ‘MUSIC: Like No Other’ but that’s underselling the ad and the real product benefit … abit like ‘COLOUR: Like No Other’ did]

If it was up to me, I’d of pushed for the endline to be: “Hear Every Single Note” … but hey, that’s just me.

Saying all that, Fallon deserve a big hand for this campaign [the website is cool too] … infact in my opinion it’s the best thing they’ve done for SONY and I include the [in my opinion] over-hyped BALLS.

Time for us to pull our socks up whilst also encouraging our clients to aim even higher … though if we do get to make the Walkman campaign we’ve been pushing, then I’ll happily say we can give this – and Fallon – a run for their money.

Fingers crossed!

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I was going to post about this today before my lunch break shot by! Its a great ad, and it has that magic which the paint Bravia ad lacked, and to which the giant bunnies have less of.

I agree about the end line though.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i also agree completely with you. the end line says nothing about the product, or even about the company. seeing as ‘like no other’ seems to be the philosophy of 95% of the population, it doesn’t really say all that much about anything at all.

Comment by lauren

I can see why Sony like that line, they have always been seen as the top of the standard brands. It reminds people that you pay more for a Sony because they are better…

So it does speak about the brand heritage, but it doesn’t speak at all about the product here.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

LIKE. NO. OTHER. is a cheap version of their “IT’S A SONY” line.

That’s what happens when management consultants get involved in creating your communication!

Comment by Rob

And what the hell are you doing up at this time Mr M????

Comment by Rob

Its not thaaaat bad. It does at least single them out rather than praising a generic quality that any brand can aspire to. It’s saying this is one step ahead… which in an era of multiple technical features and variations is a good way of putting product benefits across without confusing people.

That said, I think it could be done much better still.

Just going to bed, wasnt that sleepy so browsed email/facebook for a bit!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i can’t wait until someone’s tagline is: it’s a cheap piece of crap!

Comment by lauren

You’re right about the quality of the ad and the endline but yet again you’re underestimating what you’ve done with Sony in Asia.
Fallon have the good fortune of working directly with Howard Stringer, the US and European head of the company, so it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, if he likes it it’s going to be made.
You guys have the unenviable hell of dealing with the matriarchs of the company, Japan, and given their culture and attitude, every man and his dog gets a chance to speak and everyone needs to be “pleased”.
The fact you have still managed to massively improve their work, their image, their brand and their sales is to be celebrated and I know with time you’ll be able to make more and more of an impression so the work you wish they would do becomes a reality.
Despite all these odds you’ve still done campaigns that I think are superior to Fallon with all their good fortune, so it’s great you are so honest about your competitiors work but it’s not quite right to take on the blame for it not being as good as you know it could be.
I worked on Sony in Asia for 3 years and consigned all my work to the skeletons in my advertising closet, you have campaigns that can play on a world stage so that’s something you and Sony should feel very proud and excited by.
You shouldn’t be focusing on Fallon, they should be focusing on you because I doubt if the playing field was equal they’d be able to make the work they are currently doing and as I said, despite all this, you’re still making some spots that rival theirs in every way.
Stay hungry my friend, you’re better than you think you are 🙂

Comment by Pete

30 seconds of musical dominos. nice. sure it has no linkage to the endline but who the fuck cares about things like that except planners? 🙂
stop being a cock campbell, youre single handidly bringing sony into the modern age and like pete said, youre doing it without any of the luxury fallon enjoy and that includes working with a marketing savvy westerner who is not inhibited by all the cultural complexities you bang on about.
youre doing fine but you can and should do better 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Cheers mate. Appreciate the nod.

Comment by Fallon

Client: “Make us a cool ad!”

Agency: “Cool?”

Client: “Yeah like that balls ad the other guys in the TV department did.”

Agency: “Ah ok yeah I think the guys that worked on that ad are still with us. Unless they’ve been poached or something…”

Client: “Doesn’t matter, just make it like that ad, and the paint one.”

Agency: “KABOOM!”

Client: “Yeah that one! Make it like those… but for music.”

Agency: “Music like no other?”

Client: “Sounds good, now just make a painty balls one with that but just make it more musicky.”

Agency: “Musicky?”

Client: “You know what I mean.”

Comment by Age

I always thought it was a dig at George Michael who flipped the middle finger at Sony when they tried to crush his creativity. On his track ‘Absolutely Gorgeous’ there’s a voice that sings ‘Like no other’. I’m probably wrong but it is still a coincidence.

Did you know that you are now the no 1 google search term for “opinionated sod”? I actually think this is something to celebrate. You are now the most opinionated sod in the world.

Nice one Rob.

Comment by Charles Frith

I thought we all knew that already Charles! 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

That is the ONLY bit of good news I’ve had today Charles … thank you! [I think]

Comment by Rob

Consistency Like No Other.

Going to agree with Andy on this one (because I am ill). Who cares. It’s a fucking briliant ad.


Comment by The Kaiser

great minds dont live in planners heads thats why kaiser and i agree. again.

Comment by andy@cynic

Not usually no Andy. But we are damn good at taming the estranged oblique randomness of the creatives brain 😀

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Ah yes – Andy is full of estranged oblique randomness.

Comment by John

Maybe not specifically Andy… 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

and there i was thinking planners were meant to make things fucking easier to understand 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

If you watch most European ads they make it very easy to understand things fucking ( 🙂 )…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

that is the shittest comment you have ever written mortimer. come on man, youre fucking better than that arent you? 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes, yes I am!

To paraphrase Marcus:

In bad mood, not a good day! It was an unsuccessful attempt to imply the obsession of European ads with sex, and planners role within that…


Comment by Rob Mortimer

in that case ill let you off and if there is anyone you need bringing into line, let me know and ill send billy over with a crowbar and some of his old sprint ads.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks 🙂

Billy, I need you to take on Yahoo singlehandedly. Can you manage?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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