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Northern Planner Is Officially A Queen …
May 30, 2007, 2:53 pm
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… or very much like a member of the super-group by the same name.

Look on the bright side NP, it could be worse … you could look like Bruce Willis!

And no need to thank me, this is all Marcus’ handiwork … I am just the ‘medium’. [You can tell Marcus is on the way ‘back’ can’t you. I bet you’re so pleased!]

I almost feel dodgy doing this – but I know you can take it, you’re a hard Northern bastard [not to mention a top bloke] and besides, we’re trying to get Ben & Jerry’s to make your ‘Northern Tea’ flavoured Ice Cream so I am sure you’ll forgive me.

[Even though it’s Marcus’ fault as usual. He’s probably behind the Colgate thing too, ha!]

I am DEFINITELY going now … so see you Friday …

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I am sorry NP … really, really sorry!

Comment by Rob

No you’re not. Stop fucking about. You love it.

Comment by Marcus

I’ve sent NP a mail to tell him we’ve been naughty boys. Should hopefully be popping by soon.

Comment by Marcus

did you guys forget that NP’s you-know-who has been you-know-what? Is taking the piss out of him really a good way to show how much you love him?

Comment by lauren

Hang on!
It was me who came up with the Yorkshire Tea flavour B+J idea!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You’re hardest on the one’s you love – I hope.

Marcus I salute you for your ingenuity.

Rob. I salute for you for doing something else at home instead of the work you’re supposed to be doing. Even better, you’ve tried to dodge responsibilty, in the full knowledge I am indeed a hard Northern Bastard.
Queen, anything but Queen…
And can it Mortimer, I need the moral fortitude.

Comment by NP

I love you like a brother NP. It’s just you’re:

a killer queen
Gunpowder, gelatine
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind

Comment by Marcus

I don’t know any Queen songs.

Comment by NP

Yes you do.

Comment by Marcus

How did you know it was Queen then??

Comment by Rob Mortimer

NP’s gone ga-ga … radio ga-ga.

And if it was you Mr M who came up with Northern Tea B&J – you’ll be happy to know the actual recipie that is being tested next week is Northern Tea with cream and McVittie’s Digestive clusters. And if they do it, I will get you a years supply – unless we’ve eaten it all previously.

Comment by Rob

“Yorkshire tea was Rob’s idea, told him it was bollocks”



Comment by Rob Mortimer

Well done Mr M … you’ve made quite the impact today!

Have a good one and speak soon,


[PS: You don’t think NP is pissed do you?]

Comment by Rob

I’ll give him a tub or two, so i’m sure he’ll come round 😀

Busy day I know! Got to write my presentation up now…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

OOOOOhhhhhhh good luck my son [not that you’ll need it] … just remember to make it clear, logical, interesting and a teensy bit dangerous/exciting.

[Think of it like a story – beginning, middle, end, conclusion and you’ll be tops. Sorry if I am teaching Granny to suck eggs, I know you know how to do these things with your eyes closed]

Speak soon …

Comment by Rob

Haha thanks!
I have done them before, just not for a while…and its rather an important one!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Lauren … the fact we are doing this to NP shows we actually care.


It’s a bloke thing … an English bloke thing … and no, I am not joking, it’s the make-up of our male-bonding-culture.

Yes, we’re a weird bunch – by that I mean men and English people, ha!

Comment by Rob

it’s the australian way too, rob. believe me, i can smell my own kind, but sometimes it’s not always received as well as it’s made out. i can see, however, that NP
a) has a sense of humour and understands the jest,
b) is a hard, hard northern bastard
c) doesn’t give a fuck and has better things to get mad/upset about
d) all of the above.

enjoy your holiday tomorrow/today 🙂

Comment by lauren

After the Harry Potter incident I deserve everything I get. And well played Famous Rob.
I’m a Leeds fan, it takes a lot to get to me. And my hair actually did look like that, glad it’s all gone.

Comment by NP

Late to this one. But I think it has made my morning.

Rob M – whatever the presentation is for, I wish you luck. I’ve got a vague idea.

Comment by Will

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