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Nice Guys [Can] Finish First!
April 20, 2007, 11:43 am
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Today is a great day for me … a really great day and it is all down to this bit of news on Age’s wonderful blog.

Go and read it … go and congratulate him … go and have a drink in his honour.

Age, if you really feel I helped in some way, then I am very, very happy … but as far as I am concerned, it’s all down to you, your talent and your balls for speaking up and speaking out.

I am truly chuffed for you mate … so go knock ’em dead, don’t be a stranger and for gods sake, don’t ever succumb to ad-wanker disease, ha!  What a great end to the week!

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age you are a wanker!
how could you move from creative to planning?
why would you move from creative to planning?
its a good job youre a decent guy with talent and balls or i dont know if i could talk to you again. well done, you deserve it and as rob said, go knock the aussie fuckers dead.

Comment by andy@cynic

said it before, but i’ll say it again – go kick some serious arse age! SEE needs you so badly, and i’m glad they had the sense to realise it. way to go!!

Comment by lauren

Brilliant news Age! Well done.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Thank you all, and thanks for the messages on my blog!

Andy I know you are disappointed mate, and it hurts me to hurt you. I’m still going to be involved in creative projects though, and if i know how SEE works, they’ll be throwing a few briefs my way anyways when they get swamped!

Comment by Age

Planning is creativity … just creativity of the mind rather than the sketchpad and word. You have a skill in both [you bastard] so ignore Andy and just get on with making us proud!

Comment by Rob

fucking brilliant news. Well done Age. Loving this me.


Comment by Marcus

Well done (he says on someone elses blog…)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Well played, well played. Not least for annoying Andy.

Comment by np

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