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Not As Mad As Marcus, But Just As Clever!
April 18, 2007, 6:08 pm
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Please go and read this brilliant, brilliant post by my brilliant, brilliant colleague, Fredrik.

When I see stuff like this, I feel a total planning impostor and realise I have no right to spout anything to anyone. 

I am lucky to have Freddie … and so are his children.

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Demote Rob, promote Fred. I’ll get the paperwork drawn up today.

Comment by George

I knew Dad’s of 3 would stick together! Bastard.


Comment by Rob

I’m not mad. But I have three kids.

Comment by Marcus

Actually Marcus, I think that does signify we’re mad, but in a beautifully privilidged way.

Comment by George

i’m glad fred is posting again. i was going to ask you today, rob, whether you had locked him and hari up, ‘cos they’d disappeared off the face of the blogosphere.

Comment by lauren

I think when they read my post today, they realised they better pull their fingers out and post something. Well, at least Fred did … ha!

Comment by Rob

I’ve finally managed to break out of that cell! Now, what’s happening here?

Hello Lauren, after Age we are now looking forward to meeting you here in Singapore.

Comment by Hari

hey hari, sounds good. although it makes me sound like i really get around, which isn’t so great 🙂

Comment by lauren

I think, heaven forbid, I’m having an Oprah moment. Rob, lock me up again please. I beg you.

George, to your second comment (I better refrain from commenting on the first one, especially here), I can’t find a single valid reason to dispute your diagnosis.

For those of you in doubt, come spend a day with my family. Then we can talk.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Yeah you say that now Freddie, but you keep your mouth shut when Jill talks about how she is looking forward to kids. If it wasn’t for the ‘Super Nanny’, I’d be a Dad of 10 by now! Ha.

[Jill, I am joking … just incase you kick me in the balls when I get home!]

Comment by Rob

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