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Don’t Be Hairy, Mary.
April 9, 2007, 10:35 am
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I love these ads – and what I love even more is that I saw them in Singapore … land of the bland. 

I hope to God the shop they are promoting – Strip – does astoundingly well, but as ‘grooming’ is one of those issues the fairer sex try desperately to keep hidden away from us macho [ahem] males … maybe no one will go for fear of being seen by a man who then regards them as the ‘bearded lady’, ha!

Come on women … fight back … I totally deserve it!

Still, bloody nice posters …

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Given that experience I told you about from last week that I had in the office loo, I would have no propblems coming up with at least one more execution for that campaign.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

You have just publically shown your true, I’m-not-as-nice-as-I-seem-infact-I’m-a-dirty-rude-evil-bastard-colours …

Comment by Rob

i loathe shame-based advertising.

Comment by lauren

does this mean youre a hairy mary lauren?

Comment by andy@cynic

proud mary.

Comment by lauren

and lazy to boot!

Comment by lauren

Tut tut, Mr Sensitive is in the house.

Comment by George

you are a fucking cool chick lauren. hairy, but cool

Comment by andy@cynic

I shave.

Comment by Marcus Brown

I like the ads, but not the message.
I pretty much agree with Lauren.

Oh yeah Lauren, I will be replying to your MTV post soon, busy (long) weekend you see!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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