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Jesus Is Coming … Pass The Kleenex!
April 5, 2007, 8:40 am
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Easter Eggs

As it seems the fashion to take a ‘blog-break’ … I’ve decided to follow suit and officially have Easter ‘off’.

While I am sure most of you couldn’t give a toss [except Jill who will be happy I won’t be ‘checking’ what’s going on in blogland every 2 mins] the real reason for this is …

1 I figure most people will be having Easter off so there won’t be any any new stuff for me to read. [Lauren, NP … come back, you’ve had a long enough break now!]

2 If people are away, why waste valuable anger writing posts no one will see. [Ahhhhhh, the ego has landed eh! Ha!]

I intend to stuff myself silly with chocolate for at least 3 days.

4 We’re having a ‘Prime Suspect’ marathon and I won’t be able to concentrate if I’m constantly on the computer. [Real men don’t ‘do’ multi-tasking]

So there you have it … I’m off … which only leaves me to wish you all a great break and say I look forward to copping all your surreal shit, next week.

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Take it easy mate, enjoy the break.

Comment by Age

youre going to hell, youre going to hell and die.

now am i pointing that comment at rob for his insult to jesus or age, for being a cheeky fuck and saying rob was the genius behind our ads?

you decide.

happy fucking easter one and all.

Comment by andy@cynic

Happy Easter Robert. I hope you and Jill have a wonderful break and that we get to see you both very soon.
Love K

Comment by Katerina

*goes to church*

Comment by Age

Have a good one mate and I hope all the chocolate makes your anger genes surge with aggression.

PS. Is Katerina the nicest lady on earth?

Comment by Pete

keep the spirit of swearing age, makes me like you even more.

Comment by andy@cynic

go on rob, go and eat your 15 kilos of chocolate – i hope you end up with a huge headache after 3 days and pimples.

*ahem* sorry about that – i’ve had to abstain from eating chocolate for the last 10 years and easter is a bitch. even after all this time.

have a great break, enjoy ms mirren and i look forward to post-easter posts.

*i’m not as ‘away’ as NP is, but thanks for the nudge.

Comment by lauren

Thank you for your nice comments [bar Andy, which without doubt was aimed at me, ha!] and I hope you all have a toptastic one too.

PS: Why can’t you eat choccie Lauren.
PS: Yes she is Pete – and she reminds us of it everyday, ha!

Comment by Rob

hmmm… i was seriously and dangerously addicted to it [don’t laugh – i ate mars bars for breakfast] and i decided that it was best for both of us if we parted ways.

Comment by lauren

Have you ever watched ‘Alan Partridge’?

Comment by Rob

And I commented on your MTV slag-off thing. You could have done it on this blog, it’s a censorship-free zone, even if they pay my wages.

Hell, if I can’t tell them the depth and breadth of peoples opinions, who can eh!???

Comment by Rob

can’t say i’ve seen alan at work, no. will keep an eye out – any particular episode?

thanks for comments – looking forward to reading the MTV paper. i spewed about it on my page ‘cos sometimes there’s nothing worse than someone else vomiting all over your blog, especially if its about someone that pays your wages.. ha!

Comment by lauren

I’m here. I’m hungover and tired. I don’t care about easter. I’m feeling tetchy.


Comment by Marcus Brown

Hi Lauren – feel free to spew as much as you like, that’s the whole point of my blog isn’t it? Hell, if I can slag off my own clients – then a total stranger can!

And as for Alan Partridge? The episodes to look out for are the ones where he has ‘his addicted to chocolate’ flashbacks.


Marcus – lovely to have you back, especially tetchy!

Comment by Rob

Have fun!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

What do you mean you’re having Easter off? Do I need to remind you we’re close to pulling off a major coup so a bit of extra effort would be nice. Plus you’ve not been stuck in Paris with Andy so you should not get away without some pain in your life.

Comment by George

Paris sucks.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Stop whinging George – you’ve been ‘stuck in Paris’ for fucks sake. That’s waaaaaaay better than being ‘stuck in Meg Ryan’ isn’t it????

Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob

That was pathetic. Congratulations.

Comment by George

Meg Ryan sucks too.

Comment by Marcus Brown

WAYHAY … sexual innuendo galore!

Comment by Rob

damn straight.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Oh dear god. What a bad set of innuendo.

Besides, Meg Ryan > Paris anyday.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I really am ‘away’but it’s good to see I’m not forgotten.

I’m not really here.

I will be back.

I’m going swimming in the sea this afternoon, without a wetsuit, while Mum makes fish pie. Guiness is chilling. My bald head has slight sunburn.

Comment by NP

You are living the dream NP … living the dream!

Comment by Rob

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