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How Many Ad People Can This Man Confuse?
April 2, 2007, 10:26 am
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So Media Mag – Asia’s version of ‘Campaign’ – have asked me to write a short piece about my current favourite website … so on Friday, this is what is going to appear…

One of the things I love about my job is that I get paid to bugger about looking at websites whenever the moment takes me. Well I did until my boss sees this article.

Anyway, whilst I have my daily ‘favourites’ … there is one site I have found myself going to on an almost obscene basis and that is

Yes it’s a blog … and yes, it’s the spoutings of an individual with a lot too say … however Sacrum [the owner of ‘said’ blog] is quite possibly the sweetest guy since Forrest Gump, so anything he says leaves you with a feeling of warmth, happiness and hope.


Yes hope – because despite having no experience, an appearance that could put a clown to shame [you’ll understand when you see him] AND living in Germany … Sacrum’s one unwavering goal is to get a job at a London ad agency … and a FUNKY London ad agency at that!

I know it all sounds abit naff – and maybe I am easily pleased – but following this wonderfully warm, charming and idealistic man from his production line of ever-hopeful job application emails through to the formulation of his ‘fool proof way to advertising success’, is a joy to behold.

Of course it’ll probably all end in tears because quite frankly, Sacrum is too good to be true … but he represents a spirit that deserves encouragement so if you could pop along and wish him luck, I know it would mean the World to him. Ta.

And before I get any complaints about ‘Sacrum’ getting all my attention … I’ve talked about all your blogs [in particular: Rob M, NP, Age, Marcus, Lauren, Fred, Gareth and Hari’s] to the 2000 odd delegates at the MTV global music conference and will be highlighting them in my section of the next MTV ‘Cool Wave’ book.  Is that OK????

I should become a bloody ‘agent’ … Jeeeeeeeez

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Good morning

Comment by Marcus Brown

Brilliant. Go Sacrum go!

Yes thats ok, and yes you should!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

woohoooo next, Hollywood!

Comment by Age

Sacrum’s AD-Ventures

Comment by Hari

am pleased that sacrum is getting a lot of attention is asia.. this bodes well for Interesting 2007.

fine that you tell 2000 MTV people about my blog, just make sure that you tell them that i fucking hate MTV and believe that it is responsible for the fame of some of the worst bands in the history of music… actually, maybe you shouldn’t. i might want to do it myself one day 🙂

Comment by lauren

Maybe I can pose the question why there has been no music whatsoever on MTV for about 2 years…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Can you both stop slagging MTV off please because they’re a client of ours and I quite like having a roof over my head, ha.

As for why there has not been any music on MTV for ages, that’s because cynic have a brief to develop television shows/movies for them and we’ve been rather successful with it.

So you slagging off their lack of music [though Lauren thinks they are still playing it – it’s just really BAD music] is actually slagging off our work, hahaha!

Oh and Lauren, MTV has launched the careers of less awful bands than Triple J. Oops, another client of ours – what is it with us and music???

Comment by Rob

Dont get me wrong, I dont think theres anything wrong with much of the content, it just seems deceptive to label it as MTV.

I also love MTV2 😀

Got any examples of the shows you worked on?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

PLEEEEEEEASE tell me Cynic were behind that BRILLIANT show “The Virgin Diaries”

Hey and that’s incredible about my blog mention! Thanks!! WOOP!

Comment by Age

Also Lauren, lets not remember MTV is also responsible for making famous some of the best bands in the history of music (and certainly of the last 25 years).

Comment by Rob Mortimer

*lets not forget


Comment by Rob Mortimer

I just realised I have been commenting like a soccer mom with a whole lot of Whooo’s and Woop’s… I apologise. I’ve been watching a little too much of the NCAA Basketball playoffs this week.

Comment by Age

sorry rob. i have a huge bee in my bonnet about MTV and i’m not going to go on about it here ‘cos, well, they’re your clients and only you get to slag off your clients here.

triple j are actually pretty good at the moment, so if you’re responsible for that, well done…much needed!

and if you still have influence over them, they need to put signs up on the major national highways with their local frequency – i spent half the trip to melb/syd and back trawling the fm dial.

Comment by lauren

I’m intrigued about this Bee Lauren, any chance of a post on your blog about it?

Triple J seemed ok from my brief listens on the net, but not done that for a while…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

On Triple J… it is unbelievably annoying considering the variety of music they play and the amount of music they play that they haven’t got some sort of automated system on the website that tells you what was just played.

Nova FM in Melbourne has it and it’s great. All they need to do is have like a 24 hour log that keeps moving along everytime a song is played. So at least you have 24 hours to log on and have a look at the time you heard the song and see the name and artist. I’m sure would make life easier for them dealing with ballbreakers ringing up and/or emailing them, and for the listeners as their forum Q&A program kinda sucks balls.

Anyways, not really the time nor the place nor the topic of convo, but thought it was worth a mention.


Comment by Age

Lauren you have know idea how long we’ve been pushing JJJ to get their frequencies up on highway signs – and you’d think it would be easy being a [sort-of] Government backed station, but no – it’s a bloody nightmare. And feel free to slag off whoever you like, I might end up being abit corporate-crawley if I don’t think you’re being fair, but hey – if it’s valid [like Mr Mortimer’s SONY rants] I will wholeheartedly back it – hell, I’ll even put it to them.

Age – whoops yourself stupid, it’s sort-of weird, but hey, what with Singapore and everything, I can sort-of handle it!

And Mr M – the shows we’ve been part of creating are the shows you probably hate but were/are done because they fit in with their new brand focus &/or tap into a cultural trend we’ve identified … which is probably a sad attempt to just justify coming up with ideas like ‘I want a famous face’ – even though its very popular, haha

Comment by Rob

Is it wrong to ask which shows you’ve been involved with? The cultural trend you boys have tapped into?

Genuinely interested because I have a 20 year old sis who loves MTV…

Comment by Age

age – you and your wooping!! ha!! i’ve also found that frustrating, but do appreciate the playlists from the ‘specialist’ shows in the evenings.

rob m, it’s a big fat bee that has been hanging out there since the early 90s at least. i might blog about it.. might be a little out of left field, but i’ll talk to my people..

Comment by lauren

I dont really hate any of the shows because they are right for who they are aimed at. One thing I do like is that some of the dating shows actually accomodate gay people; and that is still far too rare a thing on tv.

I actually like that show as it shows you the hardship and pain of going through those procedures, and sometimes the disapointment that it hasnt changed them, it doesnt just glamourise the events for entertainments sake.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Lauren: Please do. Music is very important to me and I love to hear about these kinds of pro/anti opinions on the subject.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i feel like i’m on the phone to timbuktu! i’m about 3 minutes behind…
rob, if you need someone to travel around australia putting up illegal road signs, you’re looking at the right kinda gal.. he he

Comment by lauren

Hi Rob – when I [fingers crossed] meet you, I’ll explain how/why ‘I Want A Famous Face’ works as part of our ‘International Union Of Youth Rights’ strat for MTV.

I am glad you recognise ‘IWAFF’ doesn’t glamourise plastic surgery – it simply shows pros and cons which allows todays youth to make their own informed choice as opposed to making it all seem something they have to do.

There’s other stuff, but we’re now working on film options for them. It’s fun – far more interesting than most agencies, ha.

And Lauren – I’ll pass on your offer to the powers-that-be, get your hammer and nails ready, ha!

Comment by Rob

It would not be before time! You should try and make a MBH meeting sometime.

I noticed how on that show, virtually every time the supportive boy/girl friend gets the boot after the surgery. Its shocking how many people use it to cover deep psychological issues.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Standards change when you’re [suddenly] hot – I live in daily fear of Jill realising what she said “yes” too, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

Well, only if you were superficial in the first place… or the other person was a loser they hung onto out of lack of self respect.

Is it the old paradox?: “id be too scared to marry anyone who was mad enough to say yes to me”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You should talk to Andy … he’d have the answer to that, ha

Comment by Rob

Haha! Has he sobered up?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Yes – now he’s gorging on croissants.

Comment by Rob

Paris does strange things to people, I did the same when I was there!

Just tell him not to drive round the Arc Du Triomphe roundabout…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Mate – you don’t want Andy to drive ANYWHERE

Comment by Rob

Rob it is perfectly OK, but I feel very meek.

I hereby abdicate from the internet until I get back from my week off.
Some posts are written already, they’re just waiting, sitting there……..

Comment by NP

OK NP … I understand … but you better come back soon or I’ll … I’ll … I’ll make you have dinner with Andy!

Can’t wait to read ‘you’ again soon … Happy Easter.

Comment by Rob

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