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March 21, 2007, 1:20 pm
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Actually I think I know the answer – because in America, it’ll make a ton of cash because over there, they still think Mr Bean is the funniest thing since Benny Hill.

Proof that many Yanks are about 20 years behind GMT!

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wait, wait, I’m not American but I feel like it’s only fair to point out that this isn’t an American production.

That means that this like SClub7 can’t really be entirely blamed on Americans.

Incidentally Australia has been lapping it up already too in anticipation of it’s imminent release.

Comment by Sean G

was Mr Bean ever funny? Ever? I suggest not.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Hi Sean, I wasn’t suggesting Mr Bean was a Yank production … just that it’s funding was probably driven by America’s love for this sort of crap comedy. And I’m not shocked Oz also likes it as it’s fast becoming the the 51st state of the United States.

Comment by Rob

hello. from the 51st state of America.
i saw the Mr Bean bill poster this morning and was also wondering why.
i have a sneaky suspicion that it’s actually the grey dollar. my parents will probably go and see it, god love ’em.

Comment by lauren

Bean was on Bondi the other week doing promo for the film, it made the evening news… I was hoping for a Great White but alas, just a shot of his “teddy” on a surfboard.

Comment by Age

Here’s one American who doesn’t think Mr. Bean is funny. But then I didn’t vote for Bush either (along with 70% of the country). But I digress.

Comment by Emily

Hello Emily …

I was obviously being very generalistic [and I knew I was] when I said all Americans like ‘Mr Bean’ because you are the TWENTY SIXTH person to have either emailed, called or – as in your case – blogged to tell me so.

Of these 26, they include friends, colleagues and – most alarmingly – 5 clients, haha!

How are you by the way????

Comment by Rob

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