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Is This The Most Unflattering Photo Ever?
March 15, 2007, 9:57 am
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Yes, it’s of me speaking/ranting at the MediaWorks conference last week … and I have to say it confirms I ain’t no Brad Pitt  – infact even Arm Pitt is pushing it!!! 

What with this … my Kung-Fu impression and the one-eyed portrait … I can imagine you have all started to question whether you should ever come to this blog again soooooo, to prove I am still worthy of your, ahem, attention … can I point out that the big slide behind me in the photo say’s …

“WARNING: There Will Be Swearing”

And there was … lots of it … infront of alot of people ….

Sure it’s not big and sure it’s not clever – but that’s what you get when you give a boy from Nottingham a stage, a microphone and an audience locked in a room, ha! 

Does that make it all better now?

Have I convinced you to continue to hang around? Please? Pretty Please???

[Not that I’m desperate or anything. Oh no, I can handle being a Billy-No-Mates! OK … I can’t … stay, please, please stay]


Anyway, an absolutely massive thanks to Jasper at Branded for sending me this – and a whole other bunch – of unflattering pics. I really, really hope you don’t fall down the stairs and break your leg … and if you do, the fact I was probably behind you is purely coincidental.


[Oh, and talking of embarrassing pics, a huuuuuuuuuge thanks to NP for his ‘Separated At Birth’ post …  it was really nice and I’ll try and return the favour. [Cue: Evil Laugh!]

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is this the most unflattering picture ever? yes
have you done enough to make me come back? no
do i like the fact you swear a lot? love it

Comment by andy@cynic

Is this the most unflattering picture ever? Yes
Have you done enough to make me come back? No
Do I like the fact you swear a lot? Somtimes

Comment by George


Comment by Rob

Is this the most unflattering picture ever? Yes
Have you done enough to make me come back? No
Do I like the fact you swear a lot? Definitely.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Is this the most unflattering picture ever? Yes
Have you done enough to make me come back? No
Do I like the fact you swear a lot? Sexylicious

Comment by Jemma King

Still working late on the pitch doco then I see!

Shitheads. Rx

Comment by Rob

lol!!! your staffing policy is shining through loud and clear cynic…

essential requirements:
take the piss

desirable requirements:
half a brain

Comment by lauren

Half a brain?

One and a half brains more like … unless you were being ironic like Hari and implying most agencies only have people 1/12th brains.

Please be quick – we don’t want another Andy explosion! Ha.

Comment by Rob

half a brain – figure of speech… otherwise known as clever.

Comment by lauren

Phew … close call!

Comment by Rob

I just thought I’d add the words “fucking shit” into this thread. No reason other than I think it’s rather apt. I would have gone with the C*Bomb but yanno… ladies (with wild hair and piercings!) present.

Comment by Age

he he.. i was going to throw the c* word in earlier age, but thought the boys mightn’t like it..

Comment by lauren

Is this the most unflattering picture ever? Yes
Have you done enough to make me come back? Not on this post
Do I like the fact you swear a lot? Your mum must be so proud!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Is this the most unflattering picture ever? No
Have you done enough to make me come back? I’m suprised you give a shit
Do I like the fact you swear a lot? Wash you mouth out with soap you dirty mouthed bastard.


Comment by Marcus Brown

Don’t you start Mr Mortimer … ha.

The ONLY reason the ‘c-word’ has not been mentioned is because my Mum now reads this blog and as cool as she has suddenly become with the ‘F’ word [which is amazing because as a kid saying ‘Bloody’ was a criminal offence] I think the ‘C-word’ is one word too far.

However …

I am absolutely passionate about it’s use [sorry Mum] and infact it used to be my goal to get every single person in my company [wherever I worked] to use it. I never failed … though Jill is proving a hard nut to crack!

Comment by Rob


Comment by Rob

Oooh I’m scared…..

I’m already got Scamp on my back, you don’t worry me one bit.

Comment by NP

NP, I’ve given Scamp a formal written warning and instructions to back off.

Comment by Marcus Brown

I believe you were the one who started it Rob!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Is Scamp 20 stones though NP???

Be scared of Andy mate – far more ferocious [despite sending Hari love notes saying sorry!]

Comment by Rob

OK, I should point out that Andy is now about 17 stones …

That’s what marrying a Keep-Fit Queen does for you.

Comment by Rob

I darent ask how he lost that 3 stone…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

… and he didn’t even go to India and drink the water!

Comment by Rob

Haha, maybe theres a plan…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

phew! i forgot your mum reads this blog, rob.. now i’m REALLY glad that i didn’t drop the word! – hi mrs campbell!!

Comment by lauren

Nice that everyone on this blog respects their elders. It’s important …

Sure the new is fresh and exciting, but one thing I hate about adland is that they regard anyone over 40 as over-the-hill and irrelevent.

This is not because I am fast approaching 40 [still 3.5 years to go. Thank God] but because there are lessons and values that can only be experienced and understood by someone from an older age.

Not only that … being old[er] doesn’t mean being irrelevant, it’s about the mindset – and I am lucky my 74 year old Mum has the mind, attitude and desire for learning of a 40 year old.

Comment by Rob

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