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Can Sex Solve Everything?
January 8, 2007, 10:02 am
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Old Speed Sign

I appreciate a few of my previous entries have talked about sex – but I’m not some pervert like Andy, honest … however I am going to bring up the subject again because errrrrrrm, it’s more interesting than going on about branding.

Anyway, I recently got sent a dodgy video [which YouTube unsurprisingly, won’t let me put up] that showed a bunch of topless babes holding speed limit signs up above their heads in an attempt to slow traffic down – and you know what, it worked.

Hordes of perverted speed-barons slowed their cars/vans/trucks to snail-like speeds to check their eyes weren’t deceiving them – resulting in slower traffic, safer roads and unharmed pedestrians.

OK, so it was a spoof video, but talk about a brilliant insight … almost as good as the Cable Shopping Company who insisted their ‘channel’ was located next to established sports networks because they knew men channel surfed up/down by about 3 channels, so would naturally come across their programming and in all liklihood, end up buying tat that seemed a good idea at the time.  They were right – why else would the World be flooded with George Forman grills, Crunch Machines and 7000-in-1 Screwdrivers. 

Insights rock … and talking of insights … can anyone tell me why the busiest time for calls to British Telecom’s speaking click is weekdays at 4:58pm?

Answer [and there IS one specific reason] tomorrow …

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Yes it does. In fact, didn’t you guys buy some research off some mad doctor in Europe proving it? As for your telecom answer, I guess it’s too obvious saying it’s to check they can go home exactly at 5pm?

Comment by Pete

Yes we did … it cost a fortune from some mad Swiss scientist … but it was bloody interesting, even if somewhat ‘flawed’ in parts. Still, it hasn’t stopped us quoting it at every opportunity, hahaha!

As for your ‘guess’ … well as much as I am a big believer in not ignoring the obvious, you’re still wrong, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

Thought it might be. And are you sure the Swiss Scientist wasn’t Andy in disguise?

Comment by Pete

My guess for your BT insight is that people are anxious to leave work so they dial up, pretend they are actually having a conversation with someone and then use it as an excuse to leave work at 5pm on the dot.

Kinda like;
“oh that was my wife, says she’s been held up at her mums so I need to go and pick the kids up from Karate, cya tomorrow!”

Comment by Age

I thought it was people phoning to or from work to discuss evening plans…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Bloody hell Age … you’re bang on.

People ring up at a few minutes to 5pm so that if their boss comes in [1] they get left alone [2] they’re not going to get given more work at the last minute and [3] they can bugger off bang on time.

You’re Mr Insight you are … and to think it took George bloody weeks to find that fact out!

Comment by Rob

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