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WORLD RECORD: Mortimer Goes 2 Days Without ‘Blog Comment’ …
December 12, 2006, 9:21 am
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Has anyone else noticed that since Mr Mortimer got his Nintendo Wii … he has been noticable by his absence?

Personally, if I was Nintendo, I’d use this as a campaign idea: ‘Who Needs Friends When You Have A Wii?’

Come back to humanity Rob … the World misses/needs you!

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the addiction clinic seems to be working, well done.

Comment by andy @ cynic

If only I could say the same for you Andy … I got another 1400 spam ‘art’ emails sent to me this morning and you can be the only reason for that. IT is going to kill you tomorrow.

Comment by Rob

Actually it was a combination of Nintendo Wii and moving house (a house which has no internet connection)…

Its great though (the Wii, the house is nice too…)!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Done any unpacking yet? I’ve got this lovely picture of Mrs Rob breaking her back moving the sofa while Rob mutters “One more level”
When I was a student I used even to play Super Mario in my dreams.

Comment by Northern Planner

Nah, we sorted a lot of the stuff beforehand!Besides, in the house she’s played it almost as much.

Though when I feel asleep in Starbucks (lonnnnng day) on Monday I did dream about solving a puzzle in Zelda that had been annoying me for a day…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You’re back … and better than ever. Glad the move went well but even happier to hear you adopted an ‘Andy Capp’ type of arrangement with the missus and played the Wii while she shifted the boxes. Nothing less than I’d expect from a proud Northerner.

Comment by Rob

Thanks, but im not that mean!
I needed someone to beat at Bowling after all…


Comment by Rob Mortimer

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