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Lowe Principals And High Confusion …
December 11, 2006, 11:28 am
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So alot of you were right, royally peeved at the way my mate was informed of her impending retrenchment – and quite rightly so – however there were ‘developments’ on Friday, and they were that when she went in to her office to agree her leaving package, they went and offered her original job back [albeit with a slight difference to the role]

What the hell is going on? Would you trust these people to manage your career? Are they really that inept?

OK …OK … so full marks to them for realising how good she is, but …

1 Why didn’t they think that PRIOR to retrenching her

2 Why have they let some other people go who my friend say’s are bloody brilliant

3 How can a company behave this way?

Personally I’d sue them for emotional distress … but that’s just me … but I just don’t believe companies can behave this way – these are people’s lives they are dealing with and they want / need / deserve clarity and communication from their management.

The way some companies act is in direct contrast to the bile they spout in their meetings / mission statements / pitches … and maybe as an industry, we should start the equivalent of Bono’s RED – but for fair treatment to advertising employees.  First thing would be to start a union … because Christ Almighty … if any industry needs one, it’s adland.

Anyway, before I go … I had the misfortune to meet a SENIOR planner who as far as I am concerned, has absolutely no idea about what his job is or how people think.

Now I know that is harsh and to save him shame, I’m not going to name him … but to prove my point, please have a look at the chart at the top of this entry … a chart he ‘created’ to demonstrate what he does and how he does it.

Surely it is one of the most ridiculous, complicated, anti-design pieces of bollocks you’ve ever seen!  Isn’t it?  ISN’T IT???

These people don’t just exist in our industry – they thrive – and that’s because too many clients don’t know what we do, what they do or what their customers really think. 

I love planning … I love creativity … I love advertising [to a degree, ha!] but if the majority of this industry continues in their relentless quest to make money – then I am scared for where we’re all going to end up.

I want to know humans … [too many] clients want to know process … and while they can [and should] work together, I will never, never, never condone a system where we put the consumer attitudes / needs and wants a distant second to a regimented, out-of-context process protocol.

Last week I met a client [unsurprisingly, ex-P&G] who had a mathematical equation for EVERYTHING [and I mean, everything] and maybe that’s why he is about as out of touch of reality as almost any single person I’ve ever met before.

Planners, Creatives, Suits and Management stand up … relate to reality, understand humanity and don’t get bogged down in the clichés of our industry and then maybe we can show industry just what we’re capable of.

I’m angry … but then it’s Monday so what do you expect eh? 

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for someone bright, why hasnt it crossed your mind to encourage the people who dont “get it” to carry on as before? dont you realise they are helping independent agencies like ours to attract the bigger and better clients because we continually demonstrate we think, act and develop bigger, better and more powerful ideas than any of the majors?
fuck, with partners like you who needs enemies?
and i know you like helping people be happy in life, but you are not bono, oprah or geldoff so leave them the fuck alone and earn me some $.

Comment by andy @ cynic

Spoken like the Adman you are. Gawd bless ya!

Comment by Rob

I failed chemistry, can someone explain that fucking graph?!

Or is it Psych? Biology?…

Over-thinking make brain go owwww.

Comment by Age

Monday or not, if you weren’t angry Rob, I would be seriously concerned something was terribly wrong in your life right now and I hope I’ll never see that day.

Love the chart (which you say is supposed to be planning-related). You should have asked for permission to print it on our Christmas cards.

This Christmas, make a wish:

1. Trash five sections of your choice in this process chart so you can be ready to launch this decade.

2. Keep the process for political reasons but ask the planner off your business.

3. Choose to ignore the first 2 options and loose your sanity in the new year (Q1-Q2).

Merry Christmas!

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Written like a true cynic. George … Andy … I are all bloody proud of you.

Comment by Rob

Please tell me you bitch slapped the twat who did that chart.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I somehow found myself at a Millward Brown conference a whole back – lots of figures, loads of charts, very little thinking, very, very dull.
As for your friend, thrilled she’s not been P45’d after all, but hope she’s looking for a new jobn anyway. They can’t treat people like that.

Comment by Northern Planner

I am fine with boring charts if they tell me something interesting – my issue is that we are seeing more and more complicated charts that are somehow boring AND say nothing of any major interest! And to be honest, Russell’s piec-chart about his perfect Sunday is a leading candidate, ha!

Comment by Rob

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