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A Leopard Can’t Change It’s Spots …
December 8, 2006, 10:07 am
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Remember how a couple of days ago I wrote about my Singaporean bank putting a ‘Welcome Santa‘ mat outside their branch door and that I was wondering whether it was a nice or ultimately evil gesture on their behalf?

Well, unsurprisingly, they have revealed it was all part of the normal ‘evil bank service’ we’ve come to expect from 99.27% of financial organisations.


Because yesterday, when I popped in to get some cash, there was a sticker on the door [above the ‘Santa’ mat], saying that ‘DBS Credit Cards Are All You Need To Be ‘Santa’.

So apart from the fact DBS are encouraging consumers to increase their spending … latching onto a festive season to maximise their potential to earn even greater high-interest payments annnnnnnd making kids pester their parents for bigger, better pressies because they know their Mum and Dad’s can simply put it on ‘credit’ – the fucking banking shits have also ruined the myth of Santa for all the little tykes who still believe in the Coca-Cola sponsored St Nick … and that is about as low as any bank can go!

Hey DBS … why not go the whole hog and steal the pressies on Christmas Eve and then demand a ‘ransom’?

For just one moment, I thought I was seeing a bank trying to truly improve its image and morals – I should have known better!

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Did you honestly think that wouldn’t be the case? And they say planners are smart.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Alright … alright … I slipped up. I’m only human you know!

Comment by Rob

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