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You Know You Are Getting Used To Asian Life When …
December 6, 2006, 9:25 am
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Crowded street in Taipei

… you can be in the loo having a pee and not go into an instant panic when the cleaning lady bursts in and goes about her business [as in ‘work’] 2 feet away from you. 

And no Andy … she’s not young, she’s not hot and she’s not offering any other ‘cleaning services’!

Infact, when I leave Asia I’m going to have to undergo a massive readjustment because it’s very easy to get used to thinking everywhere is as safe as Singapore, that 2 hour Taxi rides will always cost around 2 quid and fantastic meals will set you back about a quid at a hawker stall.  Then there’s the price of technology …

Which begs the question … why in the hell would I want to leave???

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because you follow orders and your orders are to come to america. and for a man who spent 7 months umming and ahhing about whether to go to asia or not, its amazing how you now feel like you want to stay. christ, its not like we are sending you back to australia or some hell like it. get a grip man, cheap technology isnt everything you know.

Comment by andy @ cynic

Andy, you wouldn’t know what the power of technology could do for someone given you use an abacus for a calculator, a record player for an iPOD, a pen and pad for a Mac and a can with string for a mobile phone.

And given you were fed up to bursting point at a hawker stall for only about $10, I would have thought you’d be desperate to move to Asia rather than have me in the US!

Comment by Rob

shit. i hadnt thought of it like that.
and the wife will be happy because we all believe asian food is healthier than the american crap we normally chuck down our throats. what a result.

Comment by andy @ cynic

See …

Mind you, it might be hard to convince Mary that eating 16 tonnes of satay, curry and rice is healthier than scoffing a burger with fries.

Then again, I did manage to convince her that the word ‘gullible’ had been removed from the Oxford English Dictionary … maybe you should start a Maryism blog?

Comment by Rob

Just like London.

Hahahahaha…. *ahem*

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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