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A Bunch Of Musings …
September 26, 2006, 10:21 am
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OK, here’s a bunch of stuff I noticed in some US mags that I thought were interesting [though you’re within your rights to disagree … if you really want to upset me, ha!]

First up is an ad encouraging a ‘balanced diet’ from Coca-Cola, Cadbury Schweppes and Pepsi.

Putting aside the fact this is obviously a blatant attempt to pre-empt any media attacks once the movie ‘FAST FOOD NATION’ comes out, I just found it funny that Cadbury Schweppes was placed in the middle of the 2 ‘cola’ giants. It looks like it’s trying to break up a fight between the two arch enemies.

Having worked with all 3 of those companies in my time, I daren’t imagine how much arguing there was as to the order the brands appeared.  Wonderful.

I can’t decide if I like this idea for Monopoly. 

I mean, this version is basically the same as all the ‘classic versions’, it’s just the board now reflects today’s property prices and the ‘players pieces’ are based on modern day aspirational icons.

Genius or another excuse for consumer wallet hi-jacking?  I must admit I’m torn as there’s something about it I really think is clever – which is more than can be said about the ad.

Home Depot … the American DIY company … ran two consecutive pages featuring products that will be on sale at their annual exhibition.

However because they know people – even DIY lovin’ people – would find reading two pages of products boring, they interspersed it with things like ‘X-Ray Vision’ [see below] … which not only kept up people’s interest to read through both pages, but also gave the brand, a real engaging personality.

So nice to see a company remember advertising isn’t just about selling product, but selling themselves too.  Tops.

Finally, there’s the good ol’ ‘SCRATCH AND SNIFF’ for Snuggle Fabric Softener.

Sure it smelt pants … but there was something quite magical about doing the scratching then the sniffing.

To be honest, I am quite surprised this idea hasn’t been used much … it’s certainly much more ‘fun’ than those ‘scent strips’ [even though I am not really sure why – though it’s bound to have something to do with when I was a kid]


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“Break it UP you two… if you don’t behave i’m selling both of you to Wal Mart……..thank you.”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Have you seen the Anti Wal-Mart doco?

It’s amazing – especially where they show that when Wal Mart comes to town, house prices actually FALL because they know all the small businesses will die because they can’t compete with the prices Wal Mart offer [or should I say, the prices Wal Mart blackmail suppliers with]

Comment by Rob

Doesn’t surprise me one bit though in thinking about it. Tesco are bad for supplier pressure, but they are like Fairtrade compared to what Wal Mart are alleged to pay.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

When I was a copywriter, I tried my dangdest to get a scratch ‘n sniff into a campaign. Too expensive it seems.

Comment by Emily

While I’m sure ‘scratch & sniff’ is pricey, lets face it clients see anything agencies do as an expense rather than an investment, ha. Irony is many blow millions on sub-standard products and internal empire building and see it as money well spent. Mental

Comment by Rob

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