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When Music Becomes A Fashion Victim …
September 18, 2006, 4:21 pm
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So I walk into the office and Emah, my wonderful colleague, is wearing an AC/DC t-shirt.

Now this was weird for me because …

[1] She is only 22

[2] She is far too nice to like ‘Satan’s Music’

[3] She only has talked about people/bands like Usher or Snow Patrol So being a shit, I asked her to name me just 3 songs by the band and rather unsurprisingly, she couldn’t. 

Infact, she couldn’t even name one.  Oh dear.

So why is she wearing a t-shirt by a band she doesn’t know … I mean why not a SNOW PATROL or another band she’s never heard of? 

Well the answer sort-of lies with Mr Big Knob himself, Tommy Lee – Motley Crue’s amazing drummer [and shagger]. 

You see for the last few months he’s been involved in a reality show called SUPERNOVA – where he’s been seeking a singer for the new band he’s setting up with ex-Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke and ex-Metallica bassist, Jason Newstead.

Given this new band is made up of credible heavy rock musicians … playing classic heavy rock songs each and every week … it means this genre of music is back in people’s consciousness for the first time in ages. 

And with much of today’s music scene being literally littered with Mummy-pleasing teenagers, singing bland pap while dancing in a choreographed fashion … the TV smashing, coke snorting, multi-girl shagging, big note spending, excessive, impressive and obsessive Rock STAR is not only becoming quite famous again, but quite cool too!

So where does this link to AC/DC?

Well quite a while ago, I did a paper that looked into the interesting trend that youngsters weren’t just buying the music of JET, Muse and WolfMother [etc etc] – but also the music of the bands that were seen as the ‘originators’ of that genre like The Stones, Queen and AC/DC [etc etc]. 

Apparently the kids did this because apart from enjoying the music [often thinking it was better than the modern day equivalent] it allowed them to NOT be seen as ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ of popular music – giving them a feeling of greater music cred than the teeny-boppers around them.

Yep, music snobbery at 12 years of age.

So I put it to my lovely colleague that the real reason she bought the AC/DC T-shirt was that they were a band with a long, credible history [even though she didn’t know any of their music] and this would allow her to be viewed [by the outside World] as a real Rock Music Lover rather than one of those incredibly sad ‘TV Reality Show Rock Band Groupies’.

She listened intently to my point of view before replying, “I just liked the look of it”


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Comment by Lee McEwan

Tops … thanks for that.

Comment by Rob

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Love this random feature. I might do one a day to annoy you.

You shook me all night long is a Bangkok Go Go bar classic. I thought it was about a lengthy handjob till I listened to the lyrics a bit closer.

Lastly, I’ve got a Satanic Priest following me on Twitter but I can’t take him seriously because he doesn’t believe in climate change. I find this a bit odd from a Pagan ritualistic devotee but then who am I to judge?

Comment by Charles Frith

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