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Do You Sleep Talk?
September 14, 2006, 12:55 pm
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OK, lets get this straight, I love my other half dearly. 

Jill is funny, beautiful, warm, caring and smart … however just before she drops off to sleep, something weird happens to her and she becomes quite like Gareth from the TV Show, ‘The Office’.

What am I going on about?

Well, last night, at about 12:45am, she asked me this wonderful question …“If it meant you would live another 100 years, would you become part cyborg?” 


So the question is, what weird and wonderful questions have you been asked by your other halves in the early hours of the morning and if I get enough comments, I might set up a completely new blog dedicated to this matter.

So come on … speak up … surely I can’t be the only one who suffers?

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im more shocked she hasnt asked herself “why the hell am i with you?”

there is still time.

i still remember when all the ex-wives thought i was a wonderful man before seemingly overnight deciding i was actually lucifer and needed to be destroyed physically, mentally and financially.

of course the new mrs b is very different but i could also be saying that to cover my arse in the likely event you try and stir some crap up at home. i know you campbell.

Comment by andy @ cynic

Andy, you are the only person who can show vunerability whilst still maintaining a viscious, vindictive streak.

Trouble is, I know the truth … and as evil-a-shit as you can be, you’re still one of the warmest, kindest and decent blokes I’ve ever known!

Don’t worry though … we’ll not let anyone else find out, I know you still have a ‘persona’ to maintain.

[BTW: Naturally it was always the ex-wives fault, you were completely innocent, whatever they may have ‘claimed’]

Comment by Rob

Not my other half… but when he was about 4 my little brother woke up in the next room and said very loudly “Dont worry Robert, cows can’t hurt you.”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i am a tough bastard, just my ex wives were fucking tougher than the sas

Comment by andy @ cynic

[…] You might remember I talked about some of the mad things my lovely other half say’s when she is either [1] just falling to sleep or [2] just waking up. […]

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