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A World Of Hoaders?
September 14, 2006, 1:22 pm
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Yesterday I bought an external, 80 gigabyte hard drive … about as big as an iPOD … for around 54 quid. FIFTY FOUR QUID … how good is that!!

About 5 years ago, I paid 150 quid, for a 20 gigabyte external hard drive that was about as big as the computer I was using in the first place.

Whereas once memory was at a premium … nowadays I have more available to me, than at any other point in my life.

I have a Thumbdrive with 1gb, a PSP with 2gb, a Digital Camera with 5gb, an HD Camcorder with 8gb, an XBox with 20gb, various iPOD’s with 1, 4, 6 and 30gb respectively, a PVR with 160gb and laptops totalling 350gb … hell, even my phone has 1gb – and yet I still felt the need to go out and buy another 80gigs!

Lets put this into context, it if was an iPOD80 gigs would hold 20,000 songs or 25,000 photos or 100 hours of video … what the hell do I need all that for?

What it means is that I never chuck things away.  I keep everything … from shitty photos and crappy songs, right through to awful TV shows and pointless emails … all cluttering up my life and serving no other purpose than to build the profits of technology companies.

Maybe I do it because I am busy and worry I may inadvertently chuck something away that I’ll need in the future … but we all know that’s a crap excuse, it’s because I consume ‘stuff’ with all the hunger of a shark in a pool of human legs! 

So I’ve decided to make a statement and that is from now on, I will always ‘delete first and buy storage second because if I don’t, I’m in danger of spending my life held back by the past rather than embracing what is going on around me today.

Anyone else feel like this or am I Mr Sad Man?

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I think I’ve made the opposite decision. I carry around a 100 GB Lacie drive wherever I go. They cost about 70 quid I think. I’ve got another one at home and another one in my draw at work. They contain everything I’ve ever found interesting and work with my Mac and my PCs. My music, photos and all my work documents are on there. They are nearly full now. I’ve indexed them with google desktop. It’s the best archiving solution I’ve come across yet. I can find almost anything I need in seconds. Better stop, I’m salivating.

Comment by Lee McEwan

You get hard at hard drives … that’s techno porn! Could I ask which agency you work at? Do you like it or is it because they let you finger your mouse all day long?

Comment by Rob

Knowing where you work and if you’re happy there WAS a serious question by the way … if you feel in any way inclined to answer it. (you’re a researcher aren’t you?)

Comment by Rob

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