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Copywriting Award.
September 13, 2006, 10:40 am
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So I was on a Qantas plane this weekend, flicking through their ‘Duty Free’ mag when I came across this, errrrrrm, brilliant ‘Football Clock’.

OK, so it’s obvious that some bloke had a bunch of cheapo digital clocks and plastic footballs lying around his factory and decided to glue them together … but rather than sell them as cheap, plastic tat … the copywriter decided to come up with this amazing description.

OK, so I have no idea why it he called it a ‘HUMPTY’ clock … nor do I know why it gets you into the ‘Soccer Fever’ [other than a super-basic digital clock sits on a crappy, mini-football] but for sheer effort, I reckon this deserves an award. 

Any other examples of pointless rubbish being sold with a totally inappropriate write up?

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Was this launched during FIFA? You know, just like the Yoga Ad I have shown you sometime back? They want to ride on that, again. Well, why it is named the Humpty Clock is probably because of its rounded bottom and thus its likelihood of falling off the shelf/wall like Mr Egg Man?

Are you back already?

Comment by Celeste

Nice post rationalisation …

Back and away again. How are you???

Comment by Robert

Oh man…u r perpetually travelling! Will we ever meet up??? Haha…

I’m stressed at work. Partly due to my own ambitions. On the whole, its really more of the people that is not-so-manageable.

Comment by Celeste

I’m going to be here, there and everywhere for the next 6 weeks, but lets try and catch up very soon.

How about you send me an email so I can let you know when I am around.

Be good … open your mind to stuff but don’t sell yourself short.

Comment by Robert

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