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Making Sense Of Humour …
July 9, 2006, 11:16 am
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I know this has the potential to be really sexist – but it is a serious question and I hope you will answer it.

OK … as a gender, do you feel women are as ‘funny’ as men?   

And when I say ‘funny’ … I am talking about being continually and consciously able to make people [of either gender] laugh out loud?  Ta.

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I would love to say we are as funny as men, and some women can be, but overall, I don’t so.

Maybe that is why we look for men with great senses of humor.

Why do you want to know?


Comment by Joanna

Sexist shit!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Katerina Hart

Yeah. I think, generally, males are a more humourous bunch. *Damn* I.e. Russell Peters. You hardly see any comedienne around, do you? Is this for another ‘research’ of yours?

Comment by Celeste

Interesting only women have so far passed an opinion – maybe men are just too scared!

Yes, it’s for some stuff I’m working on and just wanted some external viewpoints before we take it to the next stage.

Comment by rob

I think both are equally capable of being funny, but it’s more common in men. Though whether that is down to choice, natural ability, or psychological issues (Ie: Hiding behind jokes) is another thing.

Comment by Rob Mortimer


Partly this is because until the 80s women didn’t really have any “funny” role models to inspire them as they grew up. Now they do, and that is certainly increasing the numbers of funny females.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Thanks Rob, good points – and I agree that there were few role models of funny women pre-1980 … but would that of had such an influence on the female gender on a social public level? Still, good points and I look forward to others.

Oh, and ITALY WON braking the Status Quo of Brazil, Germany and France’s ‘hold’ on the cup!

Comment by Rob

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