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July 4, 2006, 3:55 pm
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I experienced the saddest attempt to make a company appear ‘creative’ today.

Now I know first impressions can be wrong … and I know ‘creative spaces’ can sometimes be abit try-hard-wank [like the ‘bedrooms’ in a certain NYC ad agency, eh Mr Boucher!?] but come on, this is bloody horrific! 

This room conveys about as much ‘fresh thinking’ as Status Quo – and at least with them, they don’t pretend to something they’re not!

Any other examples of brands that don’t exactly live their ‘hype’? Or ones that do?

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Status Quo referenced again!

But good grief that room is awful. No silly objects or colourful items can hidethe black and beige(ish) dullness of the room.

Theres trying too hard, but even thats better than not trying at all…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Can I just put on record that I am in no way sponsored by Status Quo – and even if I was, I don’t think they’d be too happy with my references of them. Mind you, all publicity is good publicity, ha!

And yes, this is the dullest room ever and remember, this is supposidly a ‘creative company’.

God help us, or should I say, God help them. Ha.

Comment by Rob

who the hell has that shithole? call me now.

Comment by andy

Someone who would regard cynic’s office as somewhat ‘over-the-top’ and not cost efficient! Oh, and you were engaged.

Comment by rob

Strike down another case of:

Claim: “Creatively Led Agency…”
Truth: Nothing of the sort

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oh and, I wonder how many posts you can get an adequate Quo reference in.

Actually, that would make a fantastic mini-book. An entire set of ad/marketing information, ALL referenced to the Quo…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You scare me. Which is weirdly why I think you’re a top bloke.

Comment by Rob@Cynic

I’ll take that, I think it’s a fair summary!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

sad bastards

Comment by Andy


Comment by Rob

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