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The Secret To Being Alive
July 3, 2006, 9:32 am
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In my job, you go through the whole range of human emotions – happiness, boredom, despair – and I guess that’s why I like it so much. 

Very few things feel as great as when you win a pitch against top competition with an idea you personally helped nurture from concept to reality.  Mind you, few things make you feel as miserable as losing a pitch to decidedly-average competition when you just ‘know’ your idea should have won!  [Then you wait for months to see the ‘winning agencies’ idea come out – only to snort with indignation, even when it proves your ‘greatness’, wasn’t so great at all!]

Then of course, there’s the internal issues …

Dramas … tears … laughter … hangovers … tantrums … and on rare occasions, confusion – as you win a piece of business only to be told the core idea needs to change as it doesn’t fit in with the ‘research’.

Despite all this, I wouldn’t have it any other way because this emotional rollercoaster lets me feel alive! 

Lets face it, for most adults, life is generally one of quiet consistency. The only way you experience anything close to the range of emotions you felt as a child is if you watch a horror movie while having sex with the love-of-your-life, only for them to dump you straight after the ‘deed’, triggering the Rocky theme to blare out in all it’s trumpet-tooting glory before your football team concedes an injury time goal in the FA Cup Final and a DR announces you’ve got piles but it can be treated by eating a kebab a night for a week! Phew.

Anyway, the real reason for this entry is that I am going through one of those advertising moments I described at the top … however I’m happy to say that this one is of pure excitement as I’ve just been told we’ve beaten 4 fantastic agencies to win the total SONY brand business throughout Asia-Pac.  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

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good job. many congrats.

Comment by russell


Comment by Rob Mortimer

If it wasn’t for those pesky kids*, I’d of been able to get away with claiming it was all my own work.

* Kids = Creatives …. because for some reason, I fancy this being a Scooby Doo sketch!

Comment by Rob

you weren’t so mr cheery when we were working on the pitch though were you mr campbell?

your nice-guy image sought of took a battering in the office didn’t it.

Comment by Andy

Or should I say “Brian the Evil Ghostman!”, loooook… it was Mr Campbell the Librarian all along!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

what is all this scooby do bollocks? more planner bonding crap that i put up with enough each day.

Comment by andy @ cynic

Are you bored Andy? Stop abusing my blog or I’ll pass comment on yours and annoy the ‘creative community’.

Comment by rob

Babadada da DA! Planner Power!!


Comment by Rob Mortimer

Rob, you’re only encouraging him! Ha.

Comment by Rob@Cynic

Inter-office bickering is always funnier from another office 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I love him really … especially when he is on the other side of the planet! Ha

Comment by Rob@Cynic

Just like Forest I bet, its easier to love them when you don’t have to watch them play badly…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

without me, rob is nothing.

Comment by andy

That’s an interesting comment Andy, given I am the majority share holder, ha!

Comment by Rob

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