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Don’t Take Anything For Granted …
June 27, 2006, 2:00 pm
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Imagine having a life where once you were a big, big television star.  How sweet would life be?

Think of it … adored by billions all around the world … banking thousands of dollars each week and [probably] banging tons of hot babes each single night.

However, twenty years later … things aren’t going so well. 

In today’s fast living, mass consumerism, low attention span World … ou’re out of date, out of shape and out of cash so to earn a crust, you have resorted to flogging trailer-trash real estate via a crappy television network in Memphis, Tennessee.

Oh dear.

This is not an ad for a pension company [though I did use the idea for Virgin Money a few years ago] it’s what I’ve found has happened to Erik Estrada … the bloke from ‘CHIPS’, better known as Officer Poncherello!

So this leads to the question … is it better to have ‘achieved major success’ than to have ‘never achieved it at all’?  [I’m talking of ‘achieving something’, not just gaining notoriety for appearing on Blockbusters or Big Brother’]

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My favourite sentiment on this is:

“Id rather be a has been than I would a never was”

I believe thats off some fairy song… no idea how I know it!

That said, this cult of celebrity including anyone who is blonde and allegedly slept with a footballer is just mad. Its so bad that its actually started to change the meaning of the word celebrity; it a mental case of linguistic change…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

My mate George said it best:

Fame used to be the by-product of achieving something … now it is the objective.

Sad, mad and bad!

Comment by rob

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