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Restaurant Poisoning?
May 5, 2006, 5:01 pm
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So here I am in Singapore, desperate for something to eat when behold … I come across this thriving metropolis. OK, so it is pretty early to eat lunch, but this is almost 'ghost town' quiet.

My question is should I or should I not eat here? Go on, tell me what's the thought process you go through when choosing whether to eat at a venue or not.

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Well I’d go into the 5.01pm restaurant because it looks bigger.

Comment by bob

Well, you shouldn’t have gone in there, you Stupid Man! So you could have played pool with us last weekend.

Comment by Her Indoors

Should I chance upon a new venue (cafe/restaurant), it will always be the price then the offerings. I will also consider if the ambience is ‘chat friendly’. If the place is rowdy, I would have gone to a food court instead. Oh yes, the size of the seats matters too!

Comment by Celeste

When you say you evaluate on price first, do other factors like ‘ambience’ get taken into account in your evaluation or do you simply have a price you believe is fair and just for all meals?

Comment by Rob

For places I have never been, these will be the factors in the order of importance:
1) Price (fair and just because I am taking a risk)
2) Variety
3) Ambience
4) Hygiene
5) Brand (i.e. If I have tried Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao and it’s good, I will probably perceive Crystal Jade’s Korean crusine to be good too.)

For places that I know, offerings will be more important than price. I will only revisit a place if the food is good. After all, any eatery is supposed to satisfy one’s taste buds and hunger.

Comment by Celeste

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