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If You Only Do One Thing Today …
July 24, 2007, 9:42 pm
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… please go here and vote for human_2 … because we can’t let a post that is focused on helping the homeless lose out to some self-pontificating marketing wank and/or the sort of output you’d expect to see from a 5 year old who has been locked inside their bedroom for a week because it’s been raining and cold.

Seriously, if human_2 loses then I have undeniable evidence that the … 

1 Blogging community are a bunch of fuckwits.

2 Ad community are a bunch of cocksuckers.

And yes … I do appreciate the other posts are good really [far better than the ‘self pontificating marketing wank and/or output you’d expect to see from a 5 year old’ that I write on a daily basis] … it’s just this is a cause for people who are helpless, whereas the ad industry have only got themselves to blame for the mess they’re in.

God, I feel like a Miss World contestant saying she wants “WORLD PEACE” …

[Thanks to Jemma for the ‘call to arms’ logo – lets hope it works!]

This Is The Most Important Post I’ll Ever Write …
July 11, 2007, 4:21 pm
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… so please go and read it [including the comments] promote it and then try and help us do something about it. Thank you.

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Charity Begins With Home …
July 4, 2007, 7:40 am
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please help

Today I am asking for your help.

For a great number of years, the situation with the homeless has really upset me. I find it absolutely tragic that in this day and age so many people find their only option is living on the street … but what makes it worse is that so many in society seem happy to simply walk past these individuals as if they are invisible to the naked eye.

A couple of weekends ago – as I was driving home to my Mum – I encountered a homeless guy, Brian, whose situation was so sad that I decided I had to stop being upset by the situation and try to do something about it.

The basic issue is that many of these individuals are caught in the poverty/red-tape trap … they cannot get a job because they need to have a fixed address, and they can’t get a fixed address because they haven’t got a job.

It basically spirals downwards and people with potential, talent and dreams end up in a situation where their future is non-existent … where their biggest achievement will be getting some food in their mouth that day.

[Even more tragic are those individuals who suffer with mental problems because they find themselves in a situation where nearly everyone they come across will take advantage of them in some way and they are too innocent to understand it till its too late]

Now I know some of you may be thinking, “But they could go home” … and that might be true for some, however in the main, the reason they leave home is because there’s a situation there which is untenable for them – so what we are endeavoring to do is help these people get back on their own feet and take back control of their life rather than have life control them.

[And if anyone goes on about ‘professional beggars’ I will scream. OK … maybe there’s 0.00005% of people who are scam artists, but as far as I am concerned, if someone sits on a cold pavement, begging passers-by for a few pence/cents change, then they are hardly living a happy life and should be treated with respect and sensitivity]

Homeless Man and Chanel

I should point out that as much as ‘money’ would probably help these people … this isn’t about financial handouts. What these people actually seek is the ability to regain some self esteem, pride and hope – they want to help themselves out of their situation, not be reliant on charity.The Big Issue was created because of this insight – and while it has been brilliant in making a massive difference, the explosion of the homeless has meant that there are now simply too many people for it to be as viable as it once was.

So what are we going to do?

Well as I said, the critical issue is that these people cannot work unless they have an address … and what I’d like is for you lot to come up with practical ideas that will allow us to overcome this barrier so that people can get back on the right path with their lives.

Once we have an idea that we think can be powerful and effective [we have a couple including a ‘timeshare of home addresses’ so that people have a place to ‘send their correspondence’ … though as Marcus highlighted, with the ‘War On Terror’ this may no longer be practical] I intend to launch a lobby group called  human_2 which will become an official charitable organisation focused on helping the homeless help themselves to a better future.

I have some rather well known people who are interested in getting behind this, but it’s all down to finding the right idea we can push through / promote.

This is really important to me … and whilst I appreciate you may all have different agendas/concerns … any help you can give would be wonderful.

Thank you.