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If You Only Do One Thing Today …
July 24, 2007, 9:42 pm
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… please go here and vote for human_2 … because we can’t let a post that is focused on helping the homeless lose out to some self-pontificating marketing wank and/or the sort of output you’d expect to see from a 5 year old who has been locked inside their bedroom for a week because it’s been raining and cold.

Seriously, if human_2 loses then I have undeniable evidence that the … 

1 Blogging community are a bunch of fuckwits.

2 Ad community are a bunch of cocksuckers.

And yes … I do appreciate the other posts are good really [far better than the ‘self pontificating marketing wank and/or output you’d expect to see from a 5 year old’ that I write on a daily basis] … it’s just this is a cause for people who are helpless, whereas the ad industry have only got themselves to blame for the mess they’re in.

God, I feel like a Miss World contestant saying she wants “WORLD PEACE” …

[Thanks to Jemma for the ‘call to arms’ logo – lets hope it works!]

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For you? Anything.

Jemma x

Comment by Jemma King

Done. Now please finish your work, you have a massive day tomorrow and I’d prefer you not to look like you’ve just come off a 7 day drug and alcohol binge. Speak later

Comment by George

You have my vote, but then you always knew that.

Comment by Pete

ive checked “the competition” out and if any fucker on this blog votes for them, then they are casting a vote for bistro visiting, tuscany holidaying, ford focus driving, coldplay listening, laura ashley curtain buying, gap wearing, gq reading, kafka quoting, oxbridge attending, spurs supporting, g&t supping fucking cocksucking wankers. thank you.

Comment by andy@cynic

See above.

Comment by Billy Whizz

But don’t we have an operative in the polling booth?

Comment by John Dodds

good point, ill organise to have a man with a gun at the voting session or should i say the internet nerd hangout centre.

Comment by andy@cynic

While you’re at it Andy, can you ask him to come over and shoot me in the head as it’s 4:40 in the fucking morning and I’m still doing the bloody presos which I am sure are shite because I couldn’t even have a conversation with my Mum 10 minutes ago, let alone write something that has to be approved by representatives of the bloody US senate!

Yes I am pissed … but I’m more tired especially as the aircon has been off since 6pm and I live in the fucking tropics.

I’m rambling aren’t I? Night. Morning. Whatever the fuck it is!

Comment by Rob

but you gotta admit, tom’s viennese whirl is fucking hilarious, right? or does that make me a fucking cocksucking wanker, andy?

Comment by lauren

and rob, go to bed, for fuck’s sake. you are not going to achieve anything by pulling an all-nighter, jesus!

Comment by lauren

I really don’t think you should ever refer to yourself in that way Lauren – not because its degrading, but because it’ll probably excite Andy.

And I’m up and as fresh as a [dead] daisy after 2 hours sleep …. it’s going to be a good day, ha!

Comment by Rob

Done! Please tell us you don’t have the ‘undeniable evidence’.

Comment by Mark

I we do end up meeting in London , that better be a fucking strong coffee you buy me after your comments in that post.

Comment by TomLR

Feature flags and short words and the senate will wave it through.

Comment by John Dodds

Would you mind giving me that advice a bit fucking earlier John – given I was up all night getting the bloody thing out!

Saying that, the doco was for NASA [yes, THAT NASA] and the senate are rather supportive of them at the moment – given they have basically blackmailed them into NOT spending all their time doing R&D for space [their absolute passion] and concentrate on developing military hardware which might let them start a few more wars without needing so many people!

[I should point out I/we only deal with the ‘space side’ of NASA – no way would we want anything to do with Mr Bush and his ego-disease]

And Tom … what’s wrong with the comments in this post … orare you a secret Laura Ashley curtain owning bloke???

Comment by Rob

I might be – but I also might be :

‘a 5 year old who has been locked inside their bedroom for a week because it’s been raining and cold.’



As I said – make it strong, please.

Comment by TomLR

We have so much in common then Tom – though it wasn’t just raining for me, it was the fact I lived in Nottingham – crime capital of Europe, ha!

Comment by Rob

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