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It’s All A Matter Of Taste …
April 5, 2023, 8:15 am
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Every October in Nottingham, we have something called Goose Fair.

Goose Fair is as massive attraction with food, games and rides. Its history stretches back to 1541 which means it may be the oldest fair in Europe.

OK, so what it is today is very different to what it is now … but for me, it’s something filled with brilliant memories.

In many ways, it was as exciting as Christmas.

Not just because it was an annual event, but it was a life so different to my normal life.

Lights, colour, sound.

It was a trip into another world.

So many moments of my childhood are connected with Goose Fair.

From going with my Dad in my earliest years … winning my first ever ‘pet’ [a goldfish] … falling down an incredibly muddy hill because Dad thought he saw a short-cut to the car park … the hilarity of bumping into everyone on the dodgems … taking the ever-beautiful, Danish Mia there … then, when older, getting given a bag of 10 pence pieces from my parents, so I could go with Paul and spend it on rides, slot machines and food.

Oh the food …

Burgers, hot dogs and mushy peas.

The mushy peas stand out the most because you didn’t ever get them anywhere else.

A polystyrene cup, filled with piping hot mushy peas that you would then coat in mint sauce.

I know … it sounds disgusting, but it tasted like heaven.

And I know for a fact that is not my memory talking because this is what I bought last weekend …

… and it was delicious, even if Otis thought I was an insane animal.

Him aside, I will always be grateful to Goose Fair.

For the memories, the experiences, the moments and the history it has given me.

One day I will return, until then, I’ll just have my questionable food choices to comfort me.

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