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This Says Everything About The World We’re Living In Right Now …
February 13, 2023, 8:15 am
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Have a look at this …

What the hell?

Now don’t get me wrong, if this was a story about the insane sacrifices people have had to make to survive in the economic crisis created by a government who have the audacity to claim they’re the ‘financially responsible party’, then I’d get it.

I’d be advocating for it.

But the reality is there are many people in the country who have to survive on ridiculously low food budgets but I never see the Daily Mail write about them … which means they chose to write about this TikTok wannabe influencer because they think what she is doing is newsworthy in its own right.


I read the article 3 times and was shocked at it’s horrificness, with highlights being …

+ The Daily Mail writing about her like she’s some sort of shopping people champion.

+ That they completely ignore the fact the real reason she did it was for TikTok followers.

+ That everyone is acting like it’s a fucking surprise she found it ‘extremely difficult’.

And then, after all that, she isn’t even living off a £1 because ‘day 5’ amount shows a total of almost £4. Yeah … yeah … I get that may be food for a number of days, but before you start on me, let’s remember who started this whole stupid post.

I’m looking at you DM and TT woman.

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