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We All Need A Partner In Mischief …
June 16, 2022, 8:15 am
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So today is my beloved Paul’s birthday.

While I wish I was able to celebrate his special day with him, knowing we were together so recently helps minimise the disappointment that I can’t be today.

Especially as we got to experience two incredible events together in the space of a week.

Watching Forest win promotion to the Premiership and seeing Queen in concert at the O2.

It was like it was arranged by a higher power. It was amazing.

And as I wrote a few weeks ago, I needed it.

I don’t mean the experiences – though they were amazing – I mean spending time with him.

I’d not seen Paul for almost 2 years and that may be the longest we’ve ever gone apart.

That would be significant for me at any time – but with my parents gone, Paul is the person who has been in my life the longest and so not being near him takes on added significance.

He has always been my best friend, but now he’s even more than that.

Put simply, I love him.

Every single thing about him.

From his infectious immaturity to his evolution into Frothy Coffee Man.

And even though every bit of trouble I’ve ever got into my life can be traced back to him … he is so important and special to me and I hope he knows it.

One day we’ll live close to each other again, but till then – happy birthday Paul. I hope you have an absolutely immense day and are spoilt like buggery by Shelly … and I look forward to the time we can celebrate together again.

Love ya.

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If “one day we’ll live close to each other again” isn’t a threat, I don’t know what is.

Comment by DH

the best gift you got him was living in fucking nz.

Comment by andy@cynic

Have you been talking to his wife?

Comment by Rob


Comment by Pete

Your original partner in crime.

Comment by Bazza

Happy birthday Paul. The fact that you prefer to live in Nottingham makes total sense to me.

Comment by John


Comment by George

So does that mean I’m better or worse than Paul given I left?

Comment by Rob

Happy birthday Paul. Thank you for keeping Robert in trouble.

Comment by George

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