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Principles Cost Something …
April 21, 2022, 8:15 am
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A long time ago, I watched a documentary called, This Divided State.

It’s very old … but it’s about the University of Utah inviting Michael Moore to speak at a student organised event.

There is uproar.

Students are divided.
Parents are incensed.
And the university is sued.

What makes things even weirder is that the other speaker – Fox News Hypeman and false news peddler, Sean Hannity – is allowed to come and spout his rubbish without so much as a turn of the head.

It’s a brilliant example of how politics in America is not based on issues and solutions, but tribal blinkered loyalty … where you stick with your party through thick and thin and view anyone who acknowledges the opposition has a good point is a traitor.

This is the trailer:

The reason I write this is because I recently saw the modern day equivalent of this situation.

Again in Utah.

Spencer Cox, the 18th Governor of Utah, was recently asked to pass a vote on trans rights,

Given how many people hated Michael Moore coming to their local university to ‘corrupt’ the kids minds, it’s no surprise that [1] they are a deeply republican state and [2] many don’t agree with trans rights.

Which is why what Mr Cox did is incredible.

Because he voted against the bill.

Or – said another way – he voted against the will of his constituents.

But what I respect even more is his explanation on why he did that.

He doesn’t shy away from the unpopularity of his decision.
He doesn’t shy away from complicated this decision is.
He just explains the reality of the situation and that for the people this affects – the people often forgotten about in debates literally about them – it is about belonging, not disrupting.

I don’t know Spencer Cox.

I don’t like much his party represents.

But I do know that by doing this, he is a politician who is actually doing what his job is supposed to be about – which is represent ALL the people in his state, not just those who voted republican.

Let’s hope the republican voters of Utah and the senior figures in his party don’t view him as the enemy for that. Sadly, history suggests they will.

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Are you still in touch with the psych professor?

Comment by Bazza

Not since my coffee with him 20 years ago, haha.

Comment by Rob


Comment by John

Is it really that long ago?

Comment by Bazza

Errrrm, no.

I thought it was, but it came out in 2005 so it must be 16 years ago. Haha.

Comment by Rob

I don’t know Spencer Cox but this is proper leadership. His letter is excellent.

Comment by George

I need to watch Divided State again. The more things change the more they stay exactly the same.

Comment by George

I did and you’re right.

Except I think it’s got worse rather than remained the same.

Comment by Rob

A republican politician with a conscience.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Looks like he’ll be an ex-republican politician for that very reason.

See the link in John’s comment below.

Comment by Rob

They’re revolting.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Sadly, it appears that his veto was overridden by the legislature.

Comment by John

God, even the headline of that article is depressing.

Comment by Rob

Yes. Though it’s a very partisan publication.

Comment by John

Was it you who told me Republicans put their energy behind winning, Democrats put their energy on being right.

Comment by Lee Hill

Maybe … but I heard that from someone else. Specifically it was “The difference between Republicans and Democrats is Republicans want to win, Democrats want to be right”.

Comment by Rob

Depressing situation, but glad he at least took a stand. Trans people are being used as a political punching bag across the world right now – including here in Aus. It sucks.

Comment by Rob (The other one)

God bless

Comment by David Burg

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