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A Big Week For A Little Kid: Day/Year 1 …
December 7, 2020, 7:30 am
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So on Friday, my beloved Otis turns 6.


It’s gone in the blink of an eye and yet, when I think of all the things he’s gone through, he’s packed so much in.

Born in China.
The Californian life in LA.
The rush, bustle and noise of London.
The peace and tranquility of country-life.
And soon, another new adventure in New Zealand.

In-between that, he’s seen his Dad collapse when his Mum – Otis’ Nona – passed away. Learned to say goodbye to people he had grown to love. Discover how to deal with new environments like homes and schools. And explore the majesty of the World by visiting countries such as Italy, Canada, Japan, America, England, China and Australia.

For 6 years, that’s more than many fit into their entire and yet he has embraced it with a level of happiness, curiosity and excitement that takes my breath away.

I honestly feel it’s an honour to be his Dad and given this will be the strangest birthday he will [hopefully] ever have thanks to COVID, our goal is to try and make it one of the most memorable.

To commemorate that theme on this blog, every day this week will be dedicated to him.

No comments [except on his special day], just posts that attempt to put into words how much he is loved, focused on different periods of the life he’s lived so far.

Not because he’ll care – or even know – but because I want to celebrate a person who is everything to me. Someone who has taught me more than I’ve probably taught him and, in all honesty, is the absolute best part of who I am, who I’ve ever been and who I will ever be.

So this week is dedicated to Otis … the kid I loved before we ever met.

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