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Fuck You Parking …
November 29, 2017, 6:15 am
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I was in NYC recently when I saw this …

After taking the photo I hung around because I hoped to see if the other car could get out of that space … because if it could, then it truly deserved to be called a ‘Smart Car’.

And if the Smart Car owner didn’t turn up, I hoped to see the Volvo driver who parked like that.

The absolute selfish dick of a Volvo driver.

Because I wanted to ask him/her why they did it.

And hear their excuse.

Such as “… that pole behind the car wasn’t there when I parked”.

Or “… someone must have pushed my car closer to that other one”.

Or even “… this is New York, we are all about looking after ourselves.”.

But after 10 minutes I got bored, so I’ll never know.

Story of my life.

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I am guessing you’ve not been to Paris.

Comment by Chikashi

I know he’s been to Paris so I assume his eyes were focused on eating croissants rather than the road.

Comment by DH

You’re right Dave, I have been to Paris many times and as much as I know the French are renowned for their evil parking, I’ve never seen someone be as much of a prick as this Volvo driver.

Comment by Rob

You’re scraping the barrel to get to the end of the year aren’t you Rob.

Comment by DH

How do you tell the difference with all his other posts?

Comment by Bazza

I know … but I do end the year on a semi-high. And how do I know that? Because I’ve already written them and – scarily – the first week of 2018 posts.

Comment by Rob

And they’ll still seem out of date.

Comment by John

when the fuck have you ever ended something on a high?

Comment by andy@cynic

And how come the time on your comment is later than that on the two superior comments that were made later?

Comment by John

make it fucking stop. and i dont mean the fucking bad parking.

Comment by andy@cynic

dont come across all fucking new age campbell, i remember a time not so fucking long ago where you would do exactly what that volvo fucker did. in fact now youre an audi driver its in your lease contract that you have to do this every time you see a smart car to maintain the reputation that all audi drivers are wankers.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ll go block someone in right now.

Comment by Rob

Jersey plates.

Comment by John

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