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The Kennedys Wish Me A Goodbye That Is Much Nicer Than I Deserve …

So this is my last Friday at Wieden Towers.

That’s it in the photo. With the storm clouds circling overhead.

While I’m super excited about my next chapter, the fact is I’m a sentimental sod, so I’ve been spending the last few weeks trying to take in everything around me so I’ll remember it when I’ve gone.

Part of this is because I spent 7 years here … so the ties are very strong, however the other part is because I know I will never live here again.

I know you should never say never … but I’ve gone back to live in a country that I’ve previously resided in, though I must admit, China is the one where that realisation has hit me the hardest.

That said, I will come back for visits.

Not just because I am fascinated to see the incredible changes that I know will occur, but because I want to show Otis where he was born and where he spent his first few years of life.

Now as you all know, I started and ran The Kennedys Shanghai this year.

It was a great honour for me. Not just because it is something this office has talked about for 12 years, but because I am a planner and being entrusted to develop Wieden’s creative talent incubator was a great honour.

As I’ve written before, I gave them all manner of shit in their quest to find their creative voice … and while they took it all with [relatively] good grace, they recently presented me with a video they’d made that was designed to get to my very core.

Not because its mean, but because it’s bloody lovely.

Those cunning, beautiful, evil bastards.

Given they waited till the very end to give this to me, it appears they subscribe to the belief ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’.

I’ve obviously taught them well.

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Stockholm syndrome.

Comment by John

Whatever it is, it’s sick.

Comment by DH

Did it help them get a job because that is the only reason anyone would be nice to you.

Comment by Bazza

I wonder how many of them decided they only wanted a job at wieden when they found out Rob was leaving?

Comment by DH

The likelihood of that is very very high.

Comment by Rob

It seems it did. 3 were hired immediately with another guy is being spoken to about a job as I type. One of the other guys is joining Herschel and the final 2 are in talks with a couple of good agencies in Shanghai.

Comment by Rob

Brilliant Robert.

Comment by George

No one teaches revenge like you Robert, but I don’t think that was their motivation. It appears they really value what you did for them, and so they should. What an experience you gave them.

Comment by George

The lesson I’d want to learn from Rob is the art of getting paid a fortune without doing any work and getting all your holidays paid by others.

Comment by DH

So sweet.

Comment by Katerina

No less than you deserve Robert. I hope Wieden+Kennedy appreciate how much you have done for them and how big a loss you will be for them.

Comment by Lee Hill

Oh I don’t know about that Lee, I did put them through hell. As for Wieden, they’ve been nothing but ace. I hope they will miss me as much as I will miss them but I also hope they will end up love/hating me because I can help the people at my new home develop ideas that makes it much harder for Wieden to win the business they want.

That said, if I know anything about Mr Wieden, anything that pushes creativity and helps/encourages people to lift their creative game will be met with applause rather than a smack in the face.

That’s the ambition. I’ll find out how deluded I am soon.

Comment by Rob

I worked with you long enough to know I would never want you on the competitive side. I still think you will end up back at Wieden, but I guess that depends how patient and forgiving your new bosses are.

Comment by George

“The devil in sandals” – found the copywriter

Comment by Bryan

Or journalist.

Comment by Bazza

the kennedys cant be that fucking smart if they like you campbell. or theyre pushing their imagination to unchartered limits to imagine you less as a bastard thank you are.

Comment by andy@cynic

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