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This Video Sums Up The Reality Of Men Pretty Perfectly …
January 20, 2017, 6:15 am
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All words that pretty much sum up what a bunch of imposters men really are.

Of course we don’t want to admit it.

We talk a big, big game … but when we are called upon to step up to the plate, that’s when so many of us reveal [even though we do our best to hide it] we’re most definitely the weaker sex.

The reason I am saying this is because I recently saw a video that laid out the whole ugly truth in startlingly undeniable detail.

You better sit down, it’s going to be hard to watch …

Seriously, why Cindy Gallop isn’t all over this video?

All her arguments would be won in an nanosecond.

OK guys, I know I’ve broken the ‘male code’ by revealing this in public, but I have blog posts to write so it had to be done. And on the bright side, now we know why Marilyn Monroe said “Women who want to be like men lack ambition”.

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Ahhhh Cindy. The female Donald Trump. Smarter, but thinks bullying and intimidation is the best way to operate.

Comment by DH

It’s working because a male friend of mine said in America, if you’re white, male and over 40, the chances of being hired or promoted ahead of a female in adland is almost zero.
I am with Robert in so much that while I agree with what she is trying to do, the way she is going about it feels very generalizing.

Comment by George

I don’t want my daughters to think abusing others is the way to get ahead. Especially if that abuse is focused on a physical trait. Her tactics are pure Trump administration and she offends me.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Trust me Mary, you’re much tougher and smarter than Cindy.

Comment by DH

comparing gallop to trump is an act of fucking genius.

Comment by andy@cynic

Rather ironically, her relentless self-promotion reminds me of Kevin Roberts.

Comment by Ian Gee

Now you come to mention it, I do see the Cindy/Trump comparison. I wish I didn’t because what she wants is absolutely right. But as I’ve said before, blanket blaming/insulting all men – especially white men – is akin to saying all Muslim’s are terrorists, which is not only bollocks, but undermines her cause and good will credit.

She won’t care about any of this and maybe she’s right to think that way, but I do worry she will end up being seen as a Katie Hopkins figure. Divisive, abusive, aggressive and ultimately achieving nothing except her own notoriety and bank balance growth.

Not sure that’s a good lesson for humanity to learn either.

Comment by Rob

You can’t break the man code if you’re not a man.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I think you will find that you can Billy.
Robert, my previous sentence does not endorse Billy’s evaluation of your gender qualification. I am simply enlightening him.

Comment by George

Thanks. I think.
Mind you, given I’ve been off work all week because I have bronchitis – the first time in my career I’ve had 5 days off sick in a row without it being because I had an operation – I’m more little boy than man. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Hope you feel better soon.

Did you get bronchitis from thenpollution?

Comment by Pete

Rob is a man. He might be a strange, perculiar version of it, but he is definitely a man.

Comment by DH

real men dont wear fucking birkenstocks.

Comment by andy@cynic

when i watched the video i thought of you billy. the clean cut version of you. who i would hate even more than the fucked up version of you.

Comment by andy@cynic

I take that as a compliment.

Comment by Billy Whizz

It’s been pointed out that if men had to give birth, there would only be ‘single child’ families.

Comment by Ian Gee

Without a doubt. When Otis was born, I looked at my wife in even greater awe than I had before. We are definitely the weaker sex in terms of mentality and physicality. I’m not saying we’re useless or pointless, but we are not these gender superiors that some tossers like to think.

Comment by Rob

After watching the inauguration, I think the ride featured in the above video suddenly looks nice and gentle.

Comment by Pete

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