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Ending The Week With Love …
August 26, 2016, 6:15 am
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Every now and then, you see a video that just gets to you.

Sometimes it’s something very sad.

Sometimes it’s something very funny.

Sometimes it’s just something that reaches deep down and squeezes your heart.

This is one of those videos.

It’s beautiful.

It’s beautiful for its genuineness.

It’s beautiful for its love.

It’s beautiful for it’s joy.

And while it reawakened how much I miss my Mum – and actually made me cry – it’s also just bloody lovely.

My favourite bit is the moment he realises his Mum is there and immediately runs towards her shouting “Mama”.

Despite not seeing her for 10 years, his reaction is instinctual … not even leaving time for him to pause in shock.

In the blink of an eye, he goes from being a big guy to a little boy.

That’s how important Mum’s can be to you.

They’re special.

My Mum was that for me.

And Otis’ Mum is that to him.

It’s pretty fucking awesome when you think about it.

Literally, the power of love and compassion.

We could all do with a bit more of that in the World.

So have a good weekend and give a loved one a hug or a call. Everyone will feel better for it.

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Robert. You made my mascara run.

Comment by Mary Bryant

bet it happens to auntie george too.

Comment by andy@cynic

That means you’re lovely and sensitive and caring.
Crying to this video is a good thing. I truly believe that.

Comment by Rob

what a fucking big girls blouse the big man in the video is.

no, i cant pull that off. fuck it, i hate it when you post shit i cant hate.

alright campbell, you can be an emotional shit this once because this is good.


Comment by andy@cynic

You almost annoyed me there. Then you came through. I’m guessing that’s because you saw Bonnie and she reminded you how lucky you are and she is.

Comment by Rob

Be bad if this was a video from an acting class.

Comment by Billy Whizz

youre a fucking happiness vampire.
almost proud of you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Means the world.

Comment by Billy Whizz

This is genuinely touching and very human and I agree with everything you wrote.

Unfortunately, I chose to watch it on YouTube.

Comment by John

and big man is called jeffrey.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is this your new “thanks mom” P&G work?

Comment by Bazza

Loved the video and the post.

Comment by Bazza

Don’t become like the rest of them Baz. Please …

Comment by Rob

Your skill at making people cry has no limits.

Comment by Pete

Except this time it’s being done for the right reasons …

Comment by Rob

sick bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

You have ended my day on a high point Robert. Thank you.

Comment by Lee Hill

And started my day with one too. <3

Comment by Marcus

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