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Where Will The Next Assignment Take You?
April 22, 2016, 6:20 am
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Later today, the wonderfully smart and talented Northern Planner [also known as Andrew Hovells] puts up the latest in the Advertising Planning School on the Web assignment.

It’s a corker.

We’ve been a bit slack with APSOTW assignments lately.

It’s not due to a lack of interest, it’s just the past 6 months have been full of good and bad surprises for Andrew, Gareth and myself … however it is something we all enjoy doing because we think/hope it makes a difference. In fact, we know it does because there’s at least 3 people that we know of, who are in their jobs because of one of these assignments.

Jobs that have given them the chance to travel and/or live in totally new countries.

OK, so they didn’t get this just because of the assignments – I concede their talent and attitude probably had something to do with it too [bugger]- however they all have said their career in planning started because they had tried one of the assignments, enjoyed it, learnt from the feedback and realised it was something they were interested in and wanted to continue doing.

I cannot tell you how happy that makes us feel.

However this is not just for people who want to become planners.

I’ve said it before, but I don’t think anyone should aspire to be a planner, they should aspire to be able to get away with the things a planner can get away with and trust me, if I can still be employed after some of the shit I’ve pulled, you most certainly can.

So regardless of your job, level, role or experience – whether you aspire to work in advertising or do something totally different – if you fancy learning or sharpening some valuable skills and then get some constructive feedback from people who are incredibly smart and well respected [and me], I urge you to have a go.

I have evidence of at least 3 people who did just that and now live a life they didn’t see coming.

In a good way. [I hope]

For more information, go here for details … though it might not be up till UK time.

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This doesn’t seem so important after the news of Prince does it.

Comment by DH

was it fucking ever. im being a cock, it is. yes, you heard me, it fucking is and they are slightly redeeming themselves for a lifetime of bullshit briefs and powerpoint deck wank.

Comment by andy@cynic

Who are you?

Comment by DH

Yes. Who are you?

Comment by Rob

Is it wrong that one of the first things I thought about was your Dad’s run in with him?

Comment by DH

they can do it all over afuckingain now.

cant fucking believe it. 2016 has been worse than fucking isis for death.

Comment by andy@cynic

I can’t believe it either. And let’s leave the story with my Dad for another day please … it wasn’t great then and it certainly wouldn’t be great now.

Comment by Rob

Three people got careers as planners? What did the winners get?

Comment by john

Never having to come back here again.

Comment by DH

From an interview a few years ago:

Howard Stern, “Do you think Prince is a better musician than you?”

Dave Grohl, “Dude, Prince is a better DRUMMER than I am.”

Comment by john

And he was a phenomenal guitarist too …

3 minutes 27 seconds. Watch and weep.


Comment by Rob

Clapton had the best line about that.

Comment by john

What was that … when he said Brian May could do things on the guitar he could only dream about?

Comment by Rob

Ha. When asked what it was like to be the greatest guitarist in the world – he said I don’t know, you should ask Prince.

Comment by john

Clapton was never the same after he stopped taking drugs.

Comment by Rob

Devastated about Prince. Glad you’re still doing the planning school.

Comment by Pete

I actually couldn’t care about planning school stuff after hearing about prince
It’s up in any case

Comment by Northern

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