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A New Year … A New Set Of Hopes … An Old Set Of Stupidity …
January 11, 2016, 6:20 am
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Happy New Year.

Did you have a good one?

Did you get loads of presents?

Did you get drunk? Have a snog? Vomit profusely?

For such a crap 2015, I was very fortunate for it to end on a high note … in Australia, with my family, relaxing, catching up with friends and – even more wonderfully – catching up with 2 groups of mates who also happened to be in Oz, the lovely Jonathan and Truus and my beloved Paul and Shelly.

The best compliment I can give my break is that for someone who has found Christmas pretty hard to enjoy ever since my Dad passed away, I had a wonderful time.

Sure, Otis got more presents and much better presents than me … but overall, it was a much needed, special time.

Talking of presents, I think I should explain what the photo accompanying this post is about.

Not just because I accept it looks weird and I need to [badly] justify myself, but to reinforce the fact that while it may be a new year, the old rubbish will still be spouted on this blog.

So back to that photo.

As many of you know, I love my cat Rosie.

Well about 6 months ago, I heard of a company called Cuddle Clones who will make you a – yes, you guessed it – cuddly toy clone version of your pet.

So after sending them a huge amount of photos, dimensions and money … cuddle clone Rosie turned up and I have to say, it’s pretty good.

It’s so good that Jill, Otis and I have all – at some point – looked at it, thinking it’s the real thing.

In fact the only person who isn’t impressed by it is Rosie.

OK, I get that this is all a bit weird.

I even accept that it looks like some sort of taxidermy experiment.

But I’m used to liking things no one else does so your insults will just bounce off me.

The fact is, seeing Otis walk around the house hugging it [or should I say, dragging it around by it’s tail] makes me happy. Not just because it helps justify the stupid amount of money I paid for it, but because it lets him do what Rosie will never let him do.

Their relationship has been really interesting to see evolve.

At first, Rosie was petrified of Otis.

From a household of quiet, Otis turned it into a household of mayhem.

But now, despite Rosie being a little where of him, they are quite fond of each other.

They look at each other and miaow/mutter.

Rosie will go up and sniff him while Otis crawls over to lean on him.

It’s not just sweet, it is – at least for me – a reinforcement that I have my own family.

A group of people [and animals] bonded [in some cases] by blood and [in all cases] love.

We put up with each other. We look out for each other. We take care of each other.

It’s something I wasn’t sure I’d ever have and, if I’m honest, something that is better than I ever could have imagined.

And yes, I appreciate this is quite an emotional ending for a post about an overpriced cuddly replica of my cat.

Which doesn’t bode well for the standard of blog post you can expect to read in 2016, does it?

Mind you, when has it ever been good?

So if you’re a glutton for punishment, I’ll ‘see’ you tomorrow.

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This is worse than I ever could have imagined.

Comment by DH

If you spent more than 10 bucks on that fake cat, I’m offended. Does it have wifi?

Comment by DH

Yes. A lot more. To be honest, I’m pretty offended by it too … not the fact that I ordered a cuddly version of my cat, but the price I paid for it. And it doesn’t even come with wi-fi, what was I thinking.

All I can say is that my holiday helped me realise how much last year took it out of me – I mean that – but now I’m back, which might sound like a terrible thing for you but it’s wonderful for me.

Comment by Rob

I’m scared but not as much as your team should be.

Comment by DH

Love the clone and a very nice story.

Comment by Donna

Goodbye 2016

Comment by Billy Whizz

nailed it. and i dont mean you fucked him.

Comment by andy@cynic

Welcome back Robert. It was a welcome surprise to see your post arriving in my inbox this evening. I am very glad you and your family had an excellent holiday. Much deserved. Alas, I am unsure what to feel about your cuddle clone toy.

I appreciate your reasoning, but I imagine you would be saddened if one day you were to enter your offices to find a cuddle clone of yourself sitting at your desk. Because of this, I would like you to extend my sympathies to Rosie.

Comment by Lee Hill

Good point, I hadn’t thought of it that way. But just to put some perspective on this … it’s a cuddly version of my cat, not a human … so I’m not sure Rosie would be as bothered by it as I would if there was a cuddly toy version of me. But then, we will never know will we?

Comment by Rob

its bad enough youre back spouting sentimental bollocks, but seeing you spend money like youre a cross between elton john, michael jackson and freddie fucking mercury is more frightening than a duet between isis and the trump. thank fuck im not married to you.on the bright side, there was no planning bollocks. small consolation but still consolation.

Comment by andy@cynic

At least I didn’t get one of my pet goldfish from aged 5. That would be extra sad.

Comment by Rob

no campbell. youre at the limit of being fucking sad already.

Comment by andy@cynic

One word. Windmill.

Comment by DH

Stepford does cats as well now?

Comment by Ian Gee

Maybe that could be a sequel … it would be way better – and cuter – than that Nicole Kidman rubbish.

Comment by Rob

You start posting again and Bowie dies. That can’t be a coincidence.

Comment by DH

Campbell and Bowie should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

Comment by Billy Whizz

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