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Devious Strategy Changes Dress Sense …
October 15, 2015, 6:15 am
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I’m a massive fan of what I call, devious strategy.

In essence, it’s where you find a way to look like you’re giving people what they want, but ultimately are actually achieving your own personal needs.

You may call that manipulation, but adding the word ‘strategy’ to it makes it so much more acceptable I think.


Anyway, I saw this old picture a while back on a Mum’s website [don’t ask] and I thought it was another wonderful example of deviousness.

Though I appreciate some of you out there would call it bastardness.

Have a great weekend and spare a thought for Otis, who has all this to come.

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Otis doesn’t stand a chance.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I think that is referred to as parental abuse these days Robert.

Comment by George

Have a great weekend can only mean you’ve already got another day off. On the face of it, that means less long copy and thus a good weekend, but on the other hand we know you’ve got another day off. That’s the most devious strategy of all.

Comment by John

He has starting his lost holiday revenge.

Comment by Pete

He is going to make a week of lost holiday into 3 weeks of repayment holiday. That might be his greatest skill.

Where is Andy?

Comment by DH

Family visit.

Comment by George

The only thing that can keep him quiet.

Comment by DH

Errrrrm, I think I future wrote this post to appear on a Friday then moved it because I can assure you I am at work today. On the positive, I’m impressed you saw it which means you do read this blog. And in John’s case, he has proven he will read ‘long copy’ when it’s scintillating. Or so crap he has to stick with it to see it if really is that bad. Bugger.

Comment by Rob

It obviously didn’t work for you Rob.

Sparing a thought for teenage Otis right now.

Comment by Pete

That strategy sounds a bit like the one Kemal Ataturk is alleged to have used to change women’s dress in Turkey..

When the country became a secular republic, he wanted women to stop wearing the hijab. Rather than banning it totally, he just made it compulsory for prostitutes.

Comment by Ian Gee

Oh that is awesome. I didn’t know that one … very devious.

Comment by Rob

dont worry otis, ill fucking make sure you dont have frilly fucking shirts or birkenstocks.

Comment by andy@cynic

Now this is fucking devious – to the point of ‘evil genius mastermind’. (Until they got busted that is …)

Comment by Ian Gee

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