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Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Venture Into The Internet Sea …
October 12, 2015, 6:15 am
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… I’m back.

And guess what, I didn’t have a break. Nope.

Something ‘urgent’ came up that required a bunch of us to work through.

Though whether the the person responsible for making us work through the national holiday has the same definition of urgent as me is still under debate.

Actually it isn’t, but in the interests of still being able to pay my mortgage, I will shut up.

Not to mention the fact everyone has heard my POV on this situation. A lot. Ha.

What made it worse was poor little Otis got ill over the week.

What first seemed like a small thing got worse.

No where near as bad as some of my friends have experienced with their kids, but bad all the same and I felt utterly helpless.

I looked at him and he looked so vulnerable. Of course he did, because despite being a big, happy, bouncing boy … he is.

And what kills me is that when he looked at me, I knew he was doing it thinking he was safe because I am someone who loves him and will protect them and then there’s this moment where you realise that to do that, you will have to make him endure some things that are going to be horrible.

It’s the worst feeling of confliction in the World.

The good news is he’s on the mend and he’s going to be fine [and on a much lesser scale, the work we did is going to be awesome] so I’m going to take the week I missed out on very soon, which means you will all have another 5 days of blog freedom from me to look forward in the very near future.

Now I appreciate you may have got used to a higher standard of blog commentary while I was away … a higher standard of general sophistication … a higher standard of intellect … so because I’m so compassionate, I’m going to ease you back into the bottom of the barrel.

Until tomorrow.

And with that, I leave you with this.

Enjoy … if that is the right choice of word.

[Which is isn’t. At all]

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I am very happy to hear Otis is getting better and I am sorry to hear about your holiday. On the positive, I am sure another one will be just around the corner. I need one now, after witnessing whatever that video was.

Comment by George

Billy’s next girlfriend.

Comment by Bazza

you mean the girlfriend to dump billy.

Comment by andy@cynic

He is mate, thank god. It was insanely worrying. Waiting on one more test result but you can see it in his eyes and behaviour that he’s doing well. [By that I mean, his mischief and mad grabbing at anything within arm reach]

Comment by Rob

Good news on Otis. I’m sure you were worried but remember he also has Jill’s genes, so at least 50% of him is going to be strong.

Comment by Bazza

Yes, I forgot that. Good reminder. Thanks mate.

PS: I just BOUGHT an iPhone 6S. BOUGHT IT. You’re safe. For the record, moving all my stuff from my iPhone 6 was incredibly difficult. It said the data was corrupted and I needed to buy some 3rd party software to fix it. Why haven’t you bought this company? Better yet, why haven’t you made your products seamless to update.

Disappointed in you Baz. I thought we’d trained you better than that. [Who am I kidding, ha]

Comment by Rob

Standards are slipping Baz.

Comment by George

You bought it? Who are you?

Comment by DH

I know. Fatherhood has changed me.

[But I have a feeling I will return to normal the moment I see Baz again. Sorry Baz]

Comment by Rob

I’m no doctor but if Otis saw that video, I know what made him ill.

Comment by DH

Holiday karma 1
Rob 1,846,738,173

Come on karma, you’ve left it a bit late to start fighting back.

Comment by DH

Sorry to hear about your holiday Robert, but as others have mentioned, you will surely have another within weeks. Excellent news about Otis. I am sure it was very worrying. Good to know he is heading towards a full recovery.

Comment by Lee Hill

good news is you had a shit holiday. i can not tell you how fucking happy i am. id been checking with homeland security everyfuckingday to make sure you werent in the country. glad the best thing youve ever done is doing well. kids being ill is the worst fucking feeling ever. hows jill? if shes anything like mrs b, she will have been as strong as a fucking gladiator while all the shit was going down and then will fall apart once all has been given the aok. i know you would have fallen apart from the second the poor little sod was ill. join the fucking club campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yep. You pretty much summed up what the last 7 days have been like for her and me. Joking aside, I was a wreck with a relatively small issue, how you guys held it together amazes me. It amazed me then, it has me in awe now.

Comment by Rob

good lord in heaven what on earth was THAT…I come back after weeks off, and the first thing Im confronted with is er
the flying wallendas (or what ever they call ’em over there)…

make it go away, please, make it go away

[Im glad to know Otis is okay now, there’s nothing scarier or more apt to leave you feeling totally gutted than a sick baby…]

Comment by judyt54

I know … I know. Mental isn’t it?!

I’ve seen a lot of weird things in Asia, but this is one of the weirdest and felt it only fair to share. [If only so I am not the only one violated by this]

Comment by Rob

lol “violation” doesn’t even come close. Ocular rape, maybe. It’s the sort of thing that’s hard to watch, impossible to look away from, and leaves you feeling violated and embarrassed (for her) all at the same time.
You are a generous man. To a fault.

Comment by judyt54

Oh my! My eyes!

Comment by tigerbaps thinks she's it.

I’m glad to read Otis is feeling better. I can’t say the same of my choice of pressing play to this video though. Dance like nobody is watching, except everybody is.

Comment by Willem van der Horst

You’ve got to admire their commitment though, surely.

Let’s be honest, it’s the only thing they’ve got.

That said, I am genuinely trying to find them to hire them for an office party. I might get fired for it, but if you’re going to go, what a way to go …

Comment by Rob

I’m glad Otis is OK, it must have been very frightening. Like that video. Very frightening.

Comment by Pete

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