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Happy Anniversary Your Majesty …
August 31, 2015, 6:20 am
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It’s 35 years today, since I first saw you play live.

You’ve given me nights of entertainment I’ll always remember and treasure.

Moments that literally will remain with me till the day I die.

But please … no more.

Not because I don’t love you.

But because I do.

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you sad fucking bastard. but at least theres one thing we agree on. no fucking more. now who is going to tell the fucking badger groupie perm head twat?

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s a sad day when I have to admit you’re right. Especially about Mr May. God, what a crap start to the week.

Comment by Rob

Too little too late. You should have said that 30 years ago.

Comment by DH

So you liked them for 5 years, is that what you’re saying?

Comment by Rob

I was ignorant to their existence for 5 years.

Comment by DH

You would love to start your presentations the way Freddie is preening in that pic. Admit it.

Comment by Billy Whizz


Comment by DH

I would. If only to take the piss and see what the reactions would be. I’m guessing ‘shock’ followed by ‘revulsion’. Though even I would draw the line at wearing a leotard.

Comment by Rob

I wonder when you will write this about birkenstocks?

Comment by Pete

I wore shoes [well, Converse] on Friday. Within 4 hours my feet were screaming “torture” so I think it will be quite a while yet Pete.

Comment by Rob

thats converses business down the fucking shitter.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m getting used to new balance. Slowly

Comment by Northern

Apparently my parents first saw them supporting Mott The Hoople god knows how many years ago. They should have ended a long time ago.

Comment by Rob (other one)

I don’t understand this post.

Comment by Marcus

I don’t understand this blog.

Comment by Pete

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